Hemp Crop v 1.0

Hemp Crop v 1.0

This the hemp files to add to mod map I have added all files.


JB3 Modding

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zip hemp 6 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    These mods that they present are usually always fronts to hook you into add-on extensions, adware, to try to trick you into changing your browser to something like Yahoo, etc. And they never freaking work for anyone even if you can some how navigate through all the adware hooks.

  2. Ewanc says:

    Cool idea, but pointless without real fruit characteristics. I’m a landscape artist (real and digital) and have some friendly critiques; not enough/too large of foliage and not enough polygon planes to look realistic. The textures are also over-contrasted and over-saturated. The affect is, it looks like its in a microscope slide and flooded by florescent lighting.

  3. franfan says:

    ce mod ne fonctionne pas , il manque foliage distance 7 , avant de poster vos mods verifier que cela fonctionne , encore un petit charlot !!!!

  4. RawSocket says:

    I’m new to fs19 and fs19 modding..

    I’m not quite sure how to use this mod. It does not show up anywhere in game. The only thing I notice is that it does not seem to have a mod descriptor. So is there some way I would add this into my map? Or is there a specific map I need to download in order to use this mod?

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