Your now the proud owner of a small farm located around Griffin,Indiana USA.
The equipment is old and in need of repairs, Luckily there is a work shop in the shed to make the repairs.
With hard work and a little luck you will be able to expand the farm
as there are 62 Farmlands and 36 fields with 212ha available on this highly detailed map.
When not farming you can try your hand at forestry or ride your horse or ATV on one of the
many trails in the area.If you get lost just follow trailhead signs.
Be careful not to wander too deep in the forest at night, as there have been rumors of bigfoot activity.

Map Features:
-Precision Farming Ready
-Seasons Ready
-Real Soil Data
-Real Terrain Data
-Custom Sounds
-Rideing Trails
-Forest Area
-Field Contracts
-Transport Contracts
-Vehicle Traffic
-Pedestrian Traffic
-Lime and Fuel Station
-Standard Crops
-All Standard Sale Locations
-62 Farm Lands
-36 Fields 212ha
-Small/Medium/Large Fields
-Helper Friendly
-Combinable Fields
-Real Picture PDA
-Real Picture Borders
-High FPS



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Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_GriffinIndiana219 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This map is great.

  2. Poncho says:

    Fantastic map – the details are over the top. Great atmosphere and flow to the map – it feels like a real place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The game still got few bugs with the train.

  4. Poncho says:

    Sometimes the train starts on the tracks but it’s just for decoration/prop as there are no stations to use it with. Regardless, this map is a gem to play; only wish it were a 4x! The attention to small details is really what sets it apart – there isn’t any areas that feel rushed or not-quite finished.

  5. Luddy says:

    I gotta say i like the map a lot not only is it really cool but ive been through this town in real life and whoever made this map is either from there or used google street view really well because there are a few details that set it off in real life. Anyways great job on the map i enjoy playing on it.

  6. AmericanFreedomFighter says:

    By far my favorite map ever! Thank You!!

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