COURSEPLAY V6.03.00004

Courseplay v 6.01.00194

fixes unload for not self driven combines
Code cleanup and bug fixes
fixes bale wrapper
reworked cover handling
closes #6405

6.03.00003 MP, Mode 9, baler and pathfinder improvements
fix mode 2/3 in MP
reduce network load by only sending updated values
improved mode 9 raycast
improved baler handling
diff small changes
enabled fueling by trailer
mode 1/4 wait while they get loaded
fixes mode 4
improved shovelPositions
mode 3 code cleanUp
Pathfinder retries with ignored fruit if a path for hybrid A*
section can’t be found. This should eliminate most cases where
no path could be found in Mode 2 and 3
Better up/down -> headland transition for #6067
Finish last up/down row (drive until implement reaches
the end of the row before turning towards the
next (headland) waypoint.

6.03.00001 Mode 2/3 and traffic conflict improvements
Detect possible traffic conflicts before they happen and
slow down to avoid collision.
For close range, use a proximity sensor to slow down, stop,
or swerve the other vehicle.
Better handling of multiple unloaders for Mode 2/3.
Closes #5986, #5987
Also fixes #6340

Fixed AutoDrive course loading bug and other course editor issues.
Initial release of the course editor.
Added course editor translation entries to non-english translation files.
Fixed AutoDrive course loading bug and others.

A save attempt is no longer attempted when using the save hotkey on an unsaved course.
You can no longer launch the editor on an autodrive course.
Fixed ‘unable to load autodrive course’ error.u
For best course loading performance, set the hud to not load courses at startup, especially if you have a lot of
large courses.
If you load a saved course and it looks like it has the wrong edits, then clear the course and click the reload
courses button, then load the course again.
Now when generated courses that have a zero speed show the speed as ‘auto’ in the waypoint info panel.
This tells you that courseplay will calculate the speed for that waypoint. If you change the speed with the
hotkeys, it will show the actual speed. Reduce the speed to zero again and it will show ‘auto’.
Now dragging is done with the courseplay primary mouse button, instead of always button 1 which is the left mouse
button. If you change the courseplay primary mouse button mapping, you will need to restart the game for.


Thomas Gärtner
Peter Vaiko
Logo Design by Finals Farming

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52 Responses

  1. The Dude says:

    please make a good courseplay, this isn’t like 2017

    • Martin says:

      Come on, one of the main useful utilities of courseplay doesn’t work: the overloader mode. It’s me or no one has noticed this. Can’t be so complicated to update the overloader mode from FS17 to FS19. Wake up Epic!

    • David says:

      Give them time, it is still in beta. I am sure they will work it out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Almost as good other then every time my runner is unloading a combine it resets the combines speed to zero till i manual increase it.. and the runner seems to try and back up which never works right, always jack knives the trailer and spins in circles

  3. Anonymous says:

    please make a good courseplay for multiplay fs19

  4. Anonymous says:

    when added to the mod folder it does not show up in game to pick

  5. Роман says:

    У меня не работает курсплей. ТАМ ГДЕДЕЛАТЬ МАРШРУТ У МЕНЯ ПИШЕТ ” СПЕЦИФИЧНИЕ настройки для режима. КАК ЕТО РЕШИТЬ

  6. OrkoGato says:

    I will be very happy to be a tester for a PS4 version
    [email protected]

  7. remy says:

    Cette version me fait bug le jeux des que mais ouvrier arrive en bout de ligne pour faire demis tour .. tout plante 🙁

  8. KCHARRO says:

    It is their official site, and this MOD is in development, visit the site and see its current status and inform yourself, these guys are doing a good job, I recommend everyone not to download from other sites …

  9. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i try to harvest a field it sometimes just freezes the game and i cant move or swith tractors to turn it off. PLEASE fix this bug!!

  10. bar says:

    Anonymous i have that too my game freezes and i cant do nothing

  11. sukkels says:

    je dikke moeder

  12. kyfire says:

    Found a bug! If you have multiple harvesters of the same make and model working in two different fields. In this event if you try to set up an overload for each one it confuses the tipper as to which one to respond to.

  13. Person says:

    I am having a problem with the unload combine and tip feature. Right after recording course, I can’t switch vehicles or move and the game freezes. Has that been fixed yet? I would like to use that feature.

  14. Anonymous says:

    我有一个问题 CP 经常出现卡死的情况

  15. santosperkins17 says:

    when will courseplay be able for overloaders???

  16. killerjohnny says:

    please can someone help me i got the latest courseplay 6. something. it is installed and unzipped etc, but is doesnt want to work for me is their something im doing wrong?

  17. Anonymous says:

    el juego se congela , no funciona

  18. Klaus Propper says:

    Hallo und guten Tag ich habe mir jetzt LS 19 auf den pc installiert und hatte vorher LS 17 gespielt natürlich mit courseplay und es hat tadellos funktioniert. jetzt habe ich mir auch für den LS 19 coursplay installiert und leider funktioniert es nicht ich kann alles auswählen und einstellen, ich kann auch ein kurs auf einem feld generieren das funktioniert alles tadellos nur wenn ich mit der linken Maustaste auf abfahrer einstellen klicke fährt der traktor den kurs nicht ab das einzige was passiert ist das in der fahrerkabine bei jedem klicken ein anderer fahrer auf dem sitz vom traktor sitzt , ich kann dann auch nicht mehr den traktor ausmachen und auch nicht weiter bewegen obwohl ich den kurs gelöscht habe , ich bräuchte dazu dringend hilfe weil ich nicht weiter weiß

  19. Anonymous says:

    the game stop working when the helper is done with a row and i have to quit the game via alt+f4

  20. Anonymous says:

    In der Version 6.2….. fahren meine Abfahrer garnicht mehr. Diese Einstellungsseite finde ich gut wäre aber schön wenn das mal auf Deutsch wäre. das Problem das die Drescher ständig mit der Geschwindigkeit runter gehen das habe ich immer noch und das ist ganz schön nervig

  21. Poncho says:

    This version crashes my game non-stop now when trying to run a Combi sequence with an Auger Wagon; as well some spelling mistakes in the UI – FIELD not FELD. Going back to an older version that worked better.

  22. Anonymous says:

    La sembradora no se recarga si no estoy en el tractor

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wann kommt courseplay endlich auf der Xbox für ls19 raus?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Course does not find the harvesters, the tractors is in infinite search mode. and this has been happening and from this section 6.01.00399. it looks crazy. despite the problems in it and the use so far. because all the others are in the search loop for harvesters.

  25. me says:

    yea same for me i was wondering if i had the wrong version but nope i have the latest version and yea unload combine does not work sadly and ideas? Or is the just how it is and it wont be fixed??

  26. the guy says:

    any ideas

  27. Poncho says:

    Reverted back to v.330 – current version creates chaos where you spend most time chasing vehicles down across map and un-stuck-ing combines trying to mate with tipper wagons. Still the best mod for managing AI by far – most jobs like Grain Transport and Seeding/Fieldwork work flawlessly.

  28. Yj says:

    WTF…..In combi mode trailer not detecting harvester.

  29. MyNameNope says:

    Many bugs, lags, work only 10-15% of addon.

  30. Anonymous says:

    get auto-drive the over-loader works. its works injunction with course-play.. just watch a video on how to use it for overloader mod.

  31. setna says:

    This is very nice but v6.01 can unload harvester to requested driver but v6.02 cannot. Driver try round and round back, excatly to varitron

  32. brightblade says:

    i just want CP to reconise trailers that have updateMass = “false” right now it thinks there not trailors so i have to use a chaser to load the trailors automaticly

  33. JD says:

    is there a script available to improve the use of the hand to pick up objects? WHen I hoover over things to pick it up, tells object is to heavy, even just the toolbox. Any thoughts>

  34. Anonymous says:

    using 2 combines doesn’t work on dedicated servers , works perfect on single player but on a dedi server they just follow each other instead of 1 working on the left and one one the right.

  35. Blaqtista says:

    the speed settings no longer match whats going on with the vehicle. its approximately 10 above the vehicle in the courseplay hud

  36. DaniDanihk says:

    the game dont open when i active this mod…any help ??

  37. Haschbe says:

    I have only problem with unload the Harvester. Driver wait in fruit, or crash mit Harvester. Harvester crash waiting driver.

  38. Saviour says:

    I’m fed up of people saying that the overload function doesn’t work, Buy your overloader, put it on the second icon to unload combine, now create your course as normal to empty in to your waiting trailer, when you pull up next to it and you are over the trailer put in a wait point. Now this is the important bit, you need to find in the tractor icon the waiting time option, you need to put it to 1min5scs this will give the overloader time to unload and then drive on. And then it will unload the combine and then empty its self. Oh, leave the auger of the overloader out. This whole solution relies on the autoload triggers that are in trailers. Hope this helps. I use overloaders for combines and other harvesters.

  39. Poncho says:

    You rock Saviour – thanks for the excellent tips

  40. DarkAngelz says:

    Hi there moderators and developers and other programmers of CoursePlay V6 for FS 19.
    I am encounter a Bug that is rather fatal, when performing this following action, it crashes the game and i am not sure why.
    1) Have two of the same Tractors and Plows
    2) Create a custom path along the Dimensions of the new Field to be made with “Allow Create Field” Option
    3) Save and Load course into the global save folder of Courseplay and Load course
    4) Go into course generation with Previous loaded course and then select plows to work with multi-tool x2
    5) select either of the two plows to commence work…. then crash

    I am not certain if its due to the fact that I am playing on the x16 map of Wild West or not, but Its just a 30ac field. I had to do some landscape shaping to lower the terrain. Just letting you know if others are also have the same result for custom made paths for Plows and course generation

  41. Anonymous says:

    Great Mod! I’ve been using it with great success and really enjoying it. However, lately, I’ve encountered a bit of a problem. Whenever I try to start a driver at a course, all that happens is that a big yellow arrow appears, showing the direction and distance to the first waypoint of the course. It simply won’t start driving, and I’m absolutely gutted. Any ideas what might be wrong….?

  42. Anonymous says:

    all these crashes seem to me as a result of your potato pc rather than cp. i would how many are angry on here trying to play on a notebook?

  43. Poncho says:

    By far the best Courseplay yet – of all the features the one that really makes a difference is the collision avoidance. Vehicles will make every effort not to impede oncoming traffic yet maintain their programmed course. Damn we are fortunate – this is like an early Christmas gift. Thank you!

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