Courseplay v 6.01.00194

The well-known script Coursplay! You can say the chief au pair! Now available on the 19th farm!

Today’s current / last official – 6.01.00394

Courseplay mod script (current working version)

This is probably the most popular mod in the game. The Kurspley script allows you to create routes and tasks for various types of equipment in the game, and then complete them. This means that by creating a route for your tractor, or, for example, a truck, it will independently perform the specified work without your further participation. As you can understand, this is much more interesting and, moreover, more functional than standard wage workers in FS 2019.

After downloading and installing the Courseplay modification in the game Farmer Simulator 19, you can create routes for various agricultural equipment. As an example, if you need to send a tractor for some work: for plowing the land, sowing the future crop or its harvest, then you only need to specify the field number. A truck can be taught to deliver some of your goods for sale or to transport goods from point B to point A. It all depends on your imagination, because the script has many options.

How to use the Coursplay mod in FS 19?

Nothing complicated really! After you have downloaded and installed this mod, you need to press the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus Delete. A menu in Russian will appear before your eyes. Everything in it is quite simple and clear. But, in short, it all comes down to creating a route for the unit of equipment you need and its further reproduction, that is, you indicate where to go, what route, and what to do in the end.

True, there is one BUT: the first time to create a route, you have to drive it yourself. Thus, you indicate the points of sequence, turns, etc. Well, then the technique will already remember the route and your actions and will be able to move independently.
Version Features:
– You can select the number of flights from the base to the point of sale;
– After the specified number of flights, he gets up at the final point and reports this;
– Also, while the tractor is waiting for the filling of the combine hopper, it shuts off the engine;
– Fixed minor bugs;
– Stable


Thomas Gärtner
Peter Vaiko
Logo Design by Finals Farming

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15 Responses

  1. The Dude says:

    please make a good courseplay, this isn’t like 2017

  2. Anonymous says:

    Almost as good other then every time my runner is unloading a combine it resets the combines speed to zero till i manual increase it.. and the runner seems to try and back up which never works right, always jack knives the trailer and spins in circles

  3. Anonymous says:

    please make a good courseplay for multiplay fs19

  4. Anonymous says:

    when added to the mod folder it does not show up in game to pick

  5. Роман says:

    У меня не работает курсплей. ТАМ ГДЕДЕЛАТЬ МАРШРУТ У МЕНЯ ПИШЕТ ” СПЕЦИФИЧНИЕ настройки для режима. КАК ЕТО РЕШИТЬ

  6. OrkoGato says:

    I will be very happy to be a tester for a PS4 version
    [email protected]

  7. remy says:

    Cette version me fait bug le jeux des que mais ouvrier arrive en bout de ligne pour faire demis tour .. tout plante 🙁

  8. KCHARRO says:

    It is their official site, and this MOD is in development, visit the site and see its current status and inform yourself, these guys are doing a good job, I recommend everyone not to download from other sites …

  9. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i try to harvest a field it sometimes just freezes the game and i cant move or swith tractors to turn it off. PLEASE fix this bug!!

  10. bar says:

    Anonymous i have that too my game freezes and i cant do nothing

  11. sukkels says:

    je dikke moeder

  12. kyfire says:

    Found a bug! If you have multiple harvesters of the same make and model working in two different fields. In this event if you try to set up an overload for each one it confuses the tipper as to which one to respond to.

  13. Person says:

    I am having a problem with the unload combine and tip feature. Right after recording course, I can’t switch vehicles or move and the game freezes. Has that been fixed yet? I would like to use that feature.

  14. Anonymous says:

    我有一个问题 CP 经常出现卡死的情况

  15. santosperkins17 says:

    when will courseplay be able for overloaders???

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