Frequently asked questions

Is Farming Simulator 19 Mods free?

Farming simulator mods are completely free. You can download mods without any restrictions.

What is GE?

GE means Giants Editor. This program is used to create and edit mods and maps. Download Giants Editor here. In this website you will find documentation and tutorials how to use this program. There is also a forum where you can ask questions to other developers.

What is the latest version of Farming simulator 19?

The latest version is 1.7.1. This update only available for Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Latest update version you can download from official page here.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors ?

winrar error

If you are getting this error, first try open archive with 7-Zip. If this doesn’t work, leave a comment on mod page and the administrator will fix this archive.