Yukon River Valley is a 16X map with mining and production. The map is based in the Yukon Territory of Canada so gold mining is the focus. Other than gold mining you got dirt processing plants, crude oil, coal, steel, concrete, limestone, paper, pallet, potato, and whiskey production. There are five sawmills located around the map as well for all the loggers out there.
The map will have 12 fields located between three different farm areas. The farm areas are empty of buildings allowing the player to create there farms using placeables. With the map being a 16X map there are many areas that you can create your own farm and fields. Let you imagination create your dream farm.
This download will also include most of the production in the map as a placeable. This will allow players to create there own production areas around the map.
With there being a lot of production on the map with little direction I recommend players to watch a walkthrough of the map. The video is a hour long, but goes into great detail about how everything works. You can watch Video Using this link or in videos above.


–Honor Realism– That’s me the creator

–Stevie Mods– Want to thank stevie for all his hard work on making maps especially Beaver Creek.
Back in fs17 Stevie released Beaver Creek and I fell in love with it and decided to use it as a base
map for editing. I did a complete overhaul of map in 17 to my style of farming with removing of trees
to make fields and adding of a Mountain. Once 19 came out I knew I wanted to bring my edit of Beaver Creek over to 19 from 17.I made base map using the in game map Felsbroun and brought my edited terrain over to it. I than made Beaver Creek into a 4x map and eventually into a 16x map. I also decided to add mining to map and by doing this I decided to change name from Beaver Creek to Yukon River Valley to better fit the map. At this time with almost three years of editing terrain and expanding map only resemblance of the original Beaver Creek from Stevie is the small brook that runs through the farm area. Again want to thank stevie for this and give him some credit for the making of the Orgianl Beaver Creek that gave me inspiration to make Yukon River Valley.

–Mining and Construction Economy– To bring mining to Yukon River Valley I used Mining and Construction and Economy map for some of the models needed for the processing plants. I used this map as a reference to bring over certain filltypes as well.

–Dajnet– Want to thank Dave for his videos on youtube to teach me how to add filltypes and fruit types to map. I also used his new PV County map for some filltypes I am using in Yukon Valley.

–ShyWizard– Want to thank ShyWizard for his tutorials on Youtube which help me get this map to where it is.

–CCT547– Want to thank Eric for all the great ideas and help on brainstorming some errors along the way.

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zip Yukon_River_Valley_Map_Pack_UNZIP_TO_MODS_V2.4 904 MB

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59 Responses

  1. pro says:

    how do you unzip it to mods

  2. christian says:

    i dont have any trains available, do i need to download a second file to get trains on the map, or is there anything else i need to do?
    its a perfect map for me, if i can get the trains…

  3. Anonymous says:

    where can you find or buy diesel

  4. Get fucked says:

    Completely dog shit map. None of the boats work so you cant even leave the shop. Such a waste of time, fix this dog shit map retard. None of the boats work in water, and the shop is on a tiny island far away from the entire map makes so much sense retard. Drink bleach.

  5. Anonymous says:

    why wont it un zip and show up in fs19?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Descargue el mapa, lo instale pero no me aparece en el juego
    Que puedo hacer?

  7. Kleyton Carlos says:

    Estou tendo problema com o mapa, meus navios estão afundado.

  8. Anonymous says:

    meu mapa esta falhando, os bacos estão afundando, quando coloco na água. A balsa e os demais de transporte de carga.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do I change where the machines spawn at the shop I see a number of them dotted around, for me they all spawn on that island and even contracts when I borrow their equipment,

  10. Andew says:

    I like this map, I spawned on the island but everytime I buy something from the shop or contracts they all spawn back on the island how can I change this?

  11. Anonymous says:

    how the hell do i get off the island

  12. Anonymous says:

    2.4 is great

  13. Adriano says:

    Create a Path .\mods\FS19_Yukon_Valley and copy in, the Folder “Paletts” from the FS19_Yukon_Valley.ZIP.

  14. Muzza87 says:

    I’m having trouble with digging up the dirt in the mine it won’t let me get a bucket of dirt

  15. tymtscm says:

    i’m also having the same problem.

  16. tymtscm says:

    you should be able to use a front loader and just drive the pallets right into the gold processing rooms. I only did it once and it worked just fine for me.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great map! One problem tho, I don’t seem to be able to get any woodchip from the sawmill, its just a massive hard pile that can’t be loaded with anything I tried (eg bucket). Any ideas?
    For the ppl asking about other inputs from the sawmill, you have to spawn pallets from global company menu.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why cant i put my concentrate in the processing room to make gold ive tried re downloading map and its all the same not taking the box

  19. Anonymous says:

    remove your airplanes or helicopter

  20. Anonymous says:

    Donde esta el tren, Where is the train

  21. Kyle says:

    I’m not able to buy any land, what do I need to do?

  22. Honor says:

    Trains and any airplanes or helicopters are not compatible with each other. Need to remove these mods to have trains work.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where is the train

  24. David W Spinner says:

    Seasons GEO?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Been on the yukon map fs19 now I carnt find my gold

  26. Anonymous says:

    Anyone having a problem. With the dirt processor (both) not going above 7 percent accept for ore?

  27. Anonymous says:

    i have the same issue with the Sawmill, it only produces woodchips, but no long wood, split wood or barrels.

  28. KedaTheBro says:

    hi guys i have a problem i bought a sawmill and i did everything nicely with a global map and set everything on fire properly and i can’t get long wood and barrels or anything just woodchips

  29. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get ToolBar for Seedhawk over the bridge to the south.

  30. Anonymous says:

    when is the update coming to fix the sawmill? it doesn’t work at all,, all it does is use up my woodchips and cut logs then replaces the exact amount of woodchips I started with , and no pallets or barrels to show for it

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Fox says:

    Can someone please tell me how to make cement on this map. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but no dice and haven’t had luck finding information online

    • Anonymous says:

      pretty sure the “cemen”t factory is in the northwest section of the map. Buy the land load the input with sand and gravel. havent tried it personally but should work.

  33. Psyneu says:

    as of v1.1 the sawmills do not seem to be producing anything other than woodchips anymore. Has anyone else experienced this or do I have a mod conflict. I didn’t add or take away any mods before upgrading to the new version

  34. jose says:

    Why couldn’t he load material from the mines with the machinery buckets???

  35. John Deere Farmer says:

    It’s an excellent concept, but there are still a few bugs to work out before it can be used as a successful, working map. I would definitely put the map in color just to make it easier to determine what is a path or not, and what is for trucks vs what is a train track. Shop hours should be open during a more realistic time, maybe 06:00 (6:00 AM) to 21:30 (9:30 PM). There should be at least one gas station in town because some vehicles (pickup trucks) have smaller tanks and can barely make it from one corner of the map to the other and back on one tank. I would put one gas station in the North West region and one in the South East region, and maybe even one at the shop just to ease the minds of players. The washplant placeable should be designed to actually be a placeable (with skids on the bottom or something where it can be placed on level ground instead of having to be half-placed in a ditch in order to sit on the ground). The gold room should be put back the way it was in v1.0 because now there is a second plant and gold room spawned in the middle of nowhere and neither gold room has a hopper to fill with concentrate. I also want to add that the washplant placeable is kind of pricey, especially for those not playing on easy economy mode. New plants that run around the same yardage can be bought for $600,000 in real life, and the plant should work more smoothly than it does. For example, instead of taking 40,000 liters of dirt every 4 minutes, take 500 liters every 3 seconds. In other words it should have a higher refresh rate. I wanted to also point out a strange issue selling products (gold anyways) where sometimes it will not sell at any selling point. Maybe lessening the max fill on the pallets? If you don’t pay attention, the pallet fills up too much and is almost impossible to lift. If you really wanted to make the gold mining cool, you could make the pallets an option with a smelting machine and have it normally sold like wheat or other grains would be – in a trailer. Smelting could have like a 5% profit increase for those who are willing to wait a little longer for a little more money. I see a lot of potential in the map, and I would love to see it completed.

  36. Maverick says:

    I’m having trouble with the weight of a couple pallets like the gold bar pallet when it gets full I can barley move it with anything any suggestions??

    • John Deere Farmer says:

      The AP-4045 forklift mod is cheap and powerful, it’s the only thing I’ve found other than large wheel loaders with forks that can lift a full pallet.

  37. Morten A says:

    Great Map!
    But it seems that there is a bug with grass tedding. South and east directions are working perfectly, north and west not so much

  38. Morten says:

    Great map! only issue i have come across so far is working with a tedder in south/west directions does not work properly, north/east is no problem at all. Tested with only included mods from this release

  39. Mike says:

    How do you get the sawmill to buy logs?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mehr Felder und verkauf währen ganz gut

  41. Lilou1402 says:

    j’ai un petit soucis avec le remplissage en carburant des transformateur de la production d’or, je suis très bien arrivée à remplir l’eau, mais pas le carburant, je n’ai aucune demande de remplissage lorsque je suis à coté des transformateur, comment faut-il faire, s’il vous plait ?

  42. Lilou1402 says:

    Map magnifique, je l’adore, elle est énorme, mais j’ai des bugs avec les contrats sur 2 champs, le champs 1 qui a une bande d’environ 1 tracteur et demi entre le champs 1et le champs 2, qui dit que le terrain ne m’appartient pas ce qui fait que la mission reste bloquée à 99% et le champs 9 qui est complètement labouré, mais la mission reste bloquée à 87% alors qu’il n’y a plus rien à retourné. j’ai commencé il y a quelques jours, donc pour l’instant, c’est tout ce que j’ai trouvé comme bug

  43. Anonymous says:

    how to you reset gold production, i took the pallet of gold off and i does not reset is there a special way of picking the gold pallet up?

  44. Anonymous says:

    how do collect the pay dirt? Ive tried a few different buckets and things

  45. Anonymous says:

    Looks like awesome map so i download it.

  46. Farmer B0B says:

    Check my video review here:


    Please note, i didnt know who made the map at the time, but now that i found out i credit the mapmaker in my description 🙂

    Thanks guys..

  47. CattleMan_302 says:

    is this map seasons ready?

  48. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded this map and got me a truck and then i could not get out. the barriers stopped me, so I saved game and quit and when I logged back in the barriers where now down. i have driven around a small part of the map and I just wanted to tell the people that greated the map. did an awesome job.

  49. Nathaniel says:

    Sorry about the double question. I didn’t realize that comments don’s show up immediately.

  50. Nathaniel says:

    Are the mini map and map in the menu supposed to be grayscale?

  51. Nathaniel says:

    Just downloaded the map and saw that the mini map is in grayscale. Is it supposed to be that way or is that a bug? If it helps, I own the game on Steam and I do play with a large number of mods. This is the first mod from this website that I’ve downloaded so I’m not sure if it’s a mod conflict somewhere or something else.

  52. Thomas says:

    How can I left shop with a new vehicle? They appears to be closed.

    • The other Thomas says:

      inside the shed between the scales you will get a prompt to open or close the gates. They do seem to be locked until 8am. I’m not sure what time they close for the night.

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