Real Manual Gearbox Transmission v1.0

Real Manual Gearbox Transmission v1.0

This is a manual Gearbox/Transmission mod for FS19. It is not a conversion of GearboxAddon, its an entirely new mod. It has less features than GearboxAddon, its also (for now) just for simulating manual transmissions, not for automatics or CVTs. It also lacks a lot of the physics improvements Gearbox Addon had. This is basically Giants Physics with the addition of Gears. I don’t know physics or scripting enough to create anything more than that, also it seems that FS19 is even more restricted as to what you can actually change or influence. Doesn’t mean this Mod isn’t still a lot of fun.. 🙂 Basic Features (as of right now):

manual (analog) or automatic clutch (This means you can play it with Keyboard, Controller, Steering Wheel and so on)
gears (obviously)
up to 3 different rangeSets
powershiftable ranges and gears



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zip FS19_realManualTransmission_master 25 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Probably because he just uploaded Modelleichers script as his own.

  2. annon says:

    Do you even check what you upload? Folder inside folder, 4 zipped tractor mods, then probably the actual mod and a bunch of github files.
    You messed up gig one this time.

  3. drizz786 says:

    After following instructions, mod not working or throwing errors, just nothing. pity, i like showing this kind of mod on my Chanel , ho hum the wait continues.

  4. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work

  5. Anonymous says:

    dosent work

  6. TR-700 says:

    Gearbox controller – one of the ‘wanted’ scripts among seasons, etc. Still looking forward for implement mod which will be working on each machinery right from the box with not too much fiddling with it.

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