The Great Stump Seasons Ready MultiPlayer v1.1

The Great Stump v 1.0

Hello, with the authorization of MA7 we put in dl the long awaited map by the community, The Great Stump

3 months of work to offer you a map of French style that we hope you enjoy.

Playable solo and in multiplayer (two XML are provided with the map to you to change them, xml multi and xml solo [TheGreatStump \ xml]), 6 farms are at your disposal:

Farm 1: Cow, sheep storage cereal cell and flat
Farm 2: Pig storage cereal cell and dish
Farm 3: BGA
Farm 4: ETA
Farm 5: CUMA
Farm 6: Forestry and Agricultural Company with chip storage

76 Plots and 20 pastures of 0.343 ha at 30.893 ha are cultivable on the map.


Hotpotato, Nico Du 55, Ma7, Farmall IH

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4.8/5 - (58 votes)

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10 Responses

  1. Goose says:

    cant open doors, even after the land purchase, please fix! The map looks wonderful tho.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour moi aussi je ne peux pas ouvrir les porte a la ferme des vaches a a la ferme des cochons ces bon j ai acheter le terrain comme vous dite Coolfarmer mais cela ne fonctionne toujour pas en attente d une reponse
    merci bonne soiree

    • Anonymous says:

      bonjour moi aussi j ai des probleme avec la map je n’est pas de point de vente esque vous savez de quoi sa vien merci en attente d’une réponse bonne journée

  3. Anonymous says:

    comment on fait pour changer les xml svp

  4. le frenchy says:

    une maj prochaine sur la map ?

  5. tx says:

    beautyful map but y can’t open the doors

  6. SNubbe says:

    I can’t open the doors.

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