Puur Nederland v 1.0

Puur Nederland v 1.0

I worked on the map for two months. This is my first map for Farming Simulator 19.
I hope you like the map.


Map by Mike
Test team van Mike-Modding.com
Giants software
Dutch-Modding Inc / 20mm Normandy, Twan

Puur Nederland v 1.0
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zip FS19_Puur_Nederland_byMikeModding812 MB

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mooie Map hoor!!

  2. Tukker 65 says:

    Mike you did it again. Thanks for de nice map. Great work.

  3. Tukker 65 says:

    Played the map now for 6 hour and I like the map bud there is something broken. I can place bildings bud than doesn’t it work no more en other thinks, like silo’s, are broken too. Can you fix this please.,

  4. René says:

    I got the same problem as Tukker65. I bought a fertilizer silo, and placed it by the Cow Milk Farm. Now I can’t place any other objects. Nowhere. And I can’t sell the fertilizer silo. A shame, because it’s a beautiful map!

  5. Hubi says:

    Mike, mooie kaart maar nog te veel fouten, bij winkel gaan bv poorten niet open

    gtrs Hubi

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