Welcome to the Slovak Village. This is a fictional map based on real life location in Slovak Republic.

Required Mods:

FS19 game updated to current patch is required of course.

​Recommended mods:
LSFM Universal Tank pack by Farmer_Andy

– This map includes all Farming Simulator 2019 features.
– Animal pastures (cows, sheeps, pigs, chickens) built into the map for New Farmer game mode. Pastures can be sold aswell.
– Big detailed farm area for New Farmer game mode. In Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes you can build everything as you wish.
– Preplaced detailed farm house in New Farmer game mode, located in village, connected with chicken pasture. So you can feel like a citizen.
– Train system included.
– 37 fields – small/medium/large – fields with its own specific shape and square fields.
– 14 sell points – including BGA, train.
– 4 railroad silos. In the city: Train loading yard – Grain, can load only grain. Train loading yard – Root Crops, can load only root crops + sugar cane. East of the map: Railroad silo east can load grain and root crops and sugarcane. In Forest area: Railroad silo – Wood chips, can load only wood chips.
– All sell points, railroad silos and shop have their own specific opening hours – you can not buy/sell stuff if they have closed. Note: On first load everything is closed, just wait 1 in-game hour and everything will be back in its standard opening hours cycle.
– Large forestry area
– Missions – field jobs and transport missions included.
– NPCs with Slovak names
– Custom transport mission pallets + reworked standard pallets.
– Large pallet of new placeable objects used in preplaced farm area in New Farmer game mode. So you can use them in other modes aswell. (small gas station, workshop, shelters, refilling stations…)
– Buying stations scattered around the map – you can buy seeds, fertiliezer, liquid fertiliezer, herbicide, lime… or even food for animals – oats, pig food. These are of course a little more expensive than the pallets from shop but more comfortable.
Manure and Liquid Manure traders included. You can both sell or buy from them. Manure can be loaded directly to trailer or if you wish you can use manipulator and load it manually.
– Small unique feature: In vehicle shop you can find Manitou forklift which is owned by nobody or the shop if you wish. This can be used to load your pallets you bought, do not need to bring your own manipulator. Especialy usefull for begining. It is there for everyone, do not steal it 🙂

– Expand your farming business to new areas. Various factories included in the map, from big buit-in factories to small placeable machines. (Quarry, Sawmill, Meat Factory, Dairy, Orchard…) To be able to produce in these factories you have to buy them first, by buying farmland they are built on. Smaller placeable machines can be placed where ever you want.

– Seasons Mod ready, with everything that the seasons mod offers. Texture changes – bushes change color depending on season, roads and similar objects changes texture during winter and so on. Custom weather, crop growth and environment data to fit the location of the map.
Cotton and Sugarcane are included, They will grow. These are not typical crops for the location of the map of course but if you strictly want to play realistically you can download seasons GEO mod from modHub by me – Seasons GEO: Slovakia, This is the same GEO used in the map, the only difference is that this is realistic (no cotton and sugarcane)
– Animal Pen Extension ready.



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zip FS19_SlovakVillage708 MB

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21 Responses

  1. KCHARRO says:

    I am downloading it and I have not tried it yet …. anyway THANKS it is an excellent map and I liked it a lot, it was the last one I had in FS17 …

  2. KCHARRO says:

    It works great, I will finally continue my FS17 game. Error free log.

  3. Ario says:

    Nice map already, perfect work. 1 question where i can sell pallete ?

  4. Hassha says:

    Hello, why i cant open the gate on town? All gate is close

  5. Anonymous says:

    leider kan ich die map nicht mit seasons starten da zuviele früchte auf dem boden liegen??????? was soll der mist
    ich bruach ne funktionierdende map und die kartoonfactory wurde acuh vergessen einzubauen, bitt updaten udn ändern

  6. Anonymous says:

    wer kan diese map mit seasons spielen bei mir kommt da immer eine fehler meldung das zu viele früchte uaf dem boden liegen???

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Ciprian says:

    for ps4 make the map

  9. CzarnYU_owca says:

    Doesn’t work on multiplayer for me 🙁 It’s brilliant, though.

  10. Luker says:

    in multiplayer, all buildings on farm was always deleted … but why? any reasons? its better playing with basic buildings and we have clear field on every multiplayer map… thx

  11. Smoke says:

    Hi, how can I use the factories for other maps, I would like a pack only with factories included

  12. 286 says:

    Hello, why i cant open the gate on town? All gate is close

  13. fan says:

    very great map, can you extract and create mods with all your global company placeables stuff?

  14. Un Roman says:

    Hey bro,i really want to port The map for PlayStation 4,i like it so much.The maps from modhub ps4 are kinda borring.Please port it.

  15. Pieseł z wiadra says:

    i’ m can’t refili supplies from trailer or water tank

  16. Guest says:

    Hello, i cannot sell the eggs. Why?

  17. marek says:

    why doesnt boards arise at the woodcuter…I cut seweral trees and bought 2-3 empty palets from the shop. The factory is working but i cant find boards. Just looking at animation of throwing board from conveyor to some palets.

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