Welcome to the far north

Hi LS Zocker have taken the Nordermarsch again to breast it has now grown a very large cow pasture and sheep are now running on the dike hope you like it and what I forgot to enter the multifruit in the silos sorry for that now I wish you Have fun with the card Oh, one more thing I have rebuilt HOF1 … so now to work!

what’s on the map?
it is a multi-fruit card
there are 3 courtyards built in
the card is seasons ready / Maisplus but now take a look.
now i wish you a lot of fun with the map.


👉Vertex DEZIGN
👉 [DMI]20mmNormandy
👉 moechtegernbauer
👉RB Modding

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  1. wim westerneng says:

    nice map

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