Welcome to “USA Legend”

This map is not based on an existing region.
Loving large expanses and fields of all sizes, I decided to create a map that would suit me to play.
After several months of realization, I propose you this card of size 4X and allowing you to cultivate in a universe “USA”

This map is currently under development!
To learn more, read the Readme in the folder.

Version 2.1
– Modification du point de spawn in the vendeur de véhicules
– Modifications diverse des points de ventes (prix, désignation et modification des produits vendus et achetés)
– Miscellaneous corrections de textures
– Modification of the spawn point at the vehicle seller
– Various modifications of points of sale (price, designation and modification of products sold and purchased)
– Various texture corrections

Version 2.0
– New textures
– New sounds
– Reworked farm area
– Train made useful with its silo and its connection to the BGA
– Animals on the map
– No snow in winter, but the map is compatible with the season mod
– Replacement of many trees, to make them compatible with the season mod
– Numerous objects, points of sale and details added or modified

For existing backups:
• Correction of inventory error that prevented selling or buying items

• Farm Silo bug correction (now accepts certain crops)
• Small corrections of objects and textures
• Addition of points of sale for the “strawHarvest” add-on

Version 1.1
– Season modifications and corrections
– Triggers correction (Fuel)
– Add some objects to the map[

Version 1.0
– Additions of mod Season
– Modification of the farm area
– Modification of the separation of the roads (withdrawal of the separation pads)
– Various bug fixes and additions
– Additions of mod Season
– Modification of the farm area
– Modification of the separation of the roads (withdrawal of the separation pads)
– Various bug fixes and additions


Idea / Concept: Kikored

Mods added to the map:
Vestas Windturbine from FSven and Kyosho
Buildings and Sign Pack from DRModding, (

I thank the officials testers of my map very much. If you want to test the map, to make it evolve, contact me.
– Alain0306 (France)
– Tornadoretkinia

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13 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Awesome man. I’ve been waiting for this one for seasons. Best map out there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this map. I only wish when you open the animal menu they are in groups instead of the full list of separate animals.

  3. alain0306 says:

    Tu as oublié le point pour revendre les véhicules 🙂 (selpoint triguer)

    • Anonymous says:

      Salut Alain !
      Content de savoir que tu es toujours sur Farming.
      Peux-tu me contacter via E-Mail (adresse dans les pièces jointes) ? Je ne retrouves plus ton adresse à toi .

  4. Anonymous says:

    The selling point is missing. No bank or teller point.

  5. paul says:

    je confirme il n’y a pas d’endroit où revendre ni réparer les véhicules si je ne me trompe pas !

  6. Anonymous says:

    just buy the cars with p

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why wont the gates open automatically anymore?

  8. James says:

    Love this map, but why wobt tye gates open automatically anymore?

  9. Anonymous says:

    bardzo faina mapa

  10. Nisroc says:

    Can’t find a cotton bale sale point

  11. Taylor says:

    So there is a bug with tedders only working when traveling north. I have to make a single pass then go back to the south end of the field and make another pass and repeat, doubling the amount of work. this is in field 7

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