Fenton Forest 4x Update 6 By Stevie

FS19 Fenton Forest 4x By Stevie

Here’s the new expanded 4x Fenton Forest. The map has a seasons snow mask, the main farm can be customized or even sold off. There’s 3 additional flat empty farm lots for the user to choose if they wish. A huge natural forestry area complete with trails and plenty of fields some square some natural and most field areas can be customized further. There’s plenty of sell points and also 2 remote supply points one at Fenton Mill and the other at Riverside Mill. The map comes with all of its own placeables which can be found in the store. No productions are installed and I have stuck with the fruits Giants chose so no multifruit either. The map was designed to run on high end PC’s and so for it to look and play as it was intended you will need a minimum of a Nvidia 980ti graphics card with LOD set to 200% in the advanced game graphics settings.. The map will play on lower spec systems but may not look or play the same. Use the place anywhere mod or Global scripts extended placeable when using the maps or any placeable. The maps own placeables are designed for flat land only and will not deform the land or alter the foliage.



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zip FS19_FentonForest4XByStevieUNZIPME898 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Humpedumpe says:

    Multiplayer sync error:
    sync in multiplayer stops working after a while. You can join a couple of times, but after that you cant join anymore.
    Love the map otherwise, no multiplayer 🙁 then

  2. Anonymous says:

    Map is beautiful, please just upgrade the image of the menu map with something with better resolution, so that can be better consulted… Thanks, good job.

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