Dondiego Map v2.1.1

Dondiego Map v 1.2

Welcome to Dondiego Map, well known map from Ls15 and Ls17

This is a 4x Multifruit Map

There are 61 fields (from medium to large), two trains, large yard.
On the farm we have large stocks for all fruits (including seeds, lime and fertilizer)
Capacity of 2500000 L, additional storage for liquid fertilizer and
Plant protection products, slurry / digestate storage, workshop, refillable fuel station.
All buildings in the yard are placeable.
There are twelve outlets + BGA.
In the garden center we have two shopping centers with favorable prices for: seeds, fertilizers, lime, liquid fertilizers and pesticides. Also in the sugar factory is a shopping point for lime.

At the beginning we have a yard, two fields and a machine park.
In the Farm Manager modus farm we also own the property but we have to buy it first

Next to Bahsilo 4 is a free space for future production buildings.
The map was tested in SP and MP.


dondiego, Kastor, Blacky-BPG, El Cid,möchtegernbauer, atze1978

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42 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found the ‘Port building materials’ at the harbor. It also accepts the compost you make at your farm (only sell point I found thus far)

  2. redflood says:

    You can use Pallet fork

  3. Anonymous says:

    me too

  4. Hestepige says:

    How do you produce diesel at the farm i have tried so many things now and nothing is working

  5. RD.DEV says:

    Why is the map corrupt when uploading to a dedicated server?

  6. Anonymous says:

    cant remove stumps with anything, any advice ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    tres bonne carte, j y joue depuis les premieres version, dommage il manque une version final ou le lotissement est fini, j y joue tous les jours, enfin une carte qui me prends pas la tete

  8. KrisMoe says:

    Great map! But i have a problem when i want to make Seeds in Biofactory. I recuest Seed Treatment and i go buiy that at the shop, but i cant load it in a tipper or empty the Big Bags with Seed Treatment straight in the unloading place at Biofactory? Any others there have same problem?

  9. Kamil says:

    Only I dont have names in sell pointa?

  10. CJLS says:

    Is anyone else having troubles with the sawmill by the pallet factory. I go to move the board pallet and can’t pickup the pallet because the forks go through it

  11. grzes says:

    how to get seed treatment? please help.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Let me also tell someone what happened to the points of sale

  13. Anonymous says:

    where is the port fuel trade

  14. Thomas Miller says:

    In your BioFactory to make Pig food you need a Bran called KLEIE…What is this exactly in English? Thanks

  15. Anonymous says:

    For some reason you cannot tag the sale points Port Fuel Trade and Port Building Materials

  16. Bert Mechman says:

    For some reason the Port Fuel Trade and Port Building Materials sale points do not have the ability to be tagged.

  17. Bert Mechman says:

    For some reason the Port Building Materials and Port Fuel Trade locations do not have the ability to turn the beacon on for the location (ie tag the place).

  18. PapPap2016 says:

    I like this map but my laptop must have a small vid card cause this map lags the crap out of my game.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I get errors about missing filltypes…. any solution available?

  20. jj says:

    can anyone get the wood processing factory to work? it will not accept wood chips or boards?

  21. Jacob says:

    Hi, i have bought BGA area which it stands on, loaded up with 360k litres of silage bales and didnt get payed by midnight. Does it work diferently in your map? Also, BGA doesnt show on list of shops where you can sell crops and stuff.. Otherwise it is a great map, but the BGA doesnt work for me, I must be doing something wrong..

  22. Bert says:

    Anyone else getting negative sale prices for crops (ie you pay then when unloading)?

  23. lal says:

    How do I do seed production without proper seed treatment transport and unload

  24. السيدصبري says:

    خه77542بب2347890ححخخ6431 32 لوز

  25. Evilrais says:

    I want to start off by saying that i love this map!!! the best 4x map i have played on!!!! I only have one issue the new crop types are in german i believe is there any way we could get them translated to english so myself and anyone else that actually cares what we are planting can know exactly what we are planting!!! Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give!!!

  26. Colin Fitzmaurice says:

    Please can you give us access to field west of 17 field? that huge grass area we can buy it 🙁

  27. henrik 92 DANmark says:

    relly nice map here this is running on my 24/7 sever pep love it 😛 so thx i love it to 😀 keep op good work m8 😀

  28. jamboe says:

    i have no trains on my map

  29. C C Crutchfield says:

    Likewise, I have same issue, no sales points, only spinnery. Keep hitting invisible objects. nice map though, but it needs fixing

  30. Royce Brainard says:

    Not a problem more a request.

    It seem you have put a wooden 5 slot open on three side vehicle storage shed that I love. Any chance you could make that a stand alone mod so i can use it on other farms I play?

  31. Sisco says:

    Hi friends, I have no troubles at all on this map

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have a big problem on this new version. When doing a plowing contract, if I put the worker doing the job, he goes to the end of the field and don’t stop. He continues straight ahead and it starts spending me money very quickly, and only stops when I stop the worker. It ruined my game because when I saw my money it was already was 7 millions negative. It never happened, only on this new version.

    • Anonymous says:

      got same problem.. but when i deleted the addon (follow me).. it works fine for me.. the worker stop when he comes to the end of the field…

  33. Anonymous says:

    best map ever that i see , congrats !

  34. Anonymous says:

    boanoite so aparece a fiacao,

  35. richyrich says:

    I have same issue, no sales points, only spinnery. Keep hitting invisible objects. nice map though, but it needs fixing. I also deleted until fixed

  36. stupil says:

    yes, unfortunately the map is wrong

  37. teebat says:

    keep running into invisible objects, no names on sell sites, no prices or sell points in prices, only shows spinnery
    won`t accept barley in what used to be the mill
    not much good at all until it is repaired/finished
    deleted until sorted

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