Done By EA Ben Converted by Chris6610 map is only half done dont compain cause yes i know its a bad convert but enjoy.

Welcome to Brompton farm. Changelog – Seasons ready with all the improvements of Oakfield seasons update – Field 17 is now a sheep pasture as well so you can rotate your sheep. (Please make sure the land is yours, if you want to use this pasture) – BGA area is fixed, you’re not able to place anything – Grass now grows on grass paintable land – More realistic water shader – My new Grass package with cut grass texture – Various other tweaks and fixes – Distance Dof (graphics) has been removed to improve FPS and distance blurryness New save game required. Changelog – Milk and egg sell points triggers fixed – The huge land in between fields and outer area is now free and owned at startup – Lights on windows, streetlamps, placeables, etc. now switch on earlier at 19:30 – Sheep wool trigger improved – Bale straw point and workshop trigger improved for taller equipment – Reset point put at the main farm – Collision on butterflys removed – Pig fence fixed – Lights added to both yards inside and out – Data/maps/mapUS/envMaps errors in log fixed on pc – Added a bit more detail around the farms – Grass now bends – Cow manure pit fixed with a new bunker model. – BGA land is already owned on startup to stop issues with south view silage bunker not saving its chaff. (Saved games will need to purchase the BGA land to fix the silage clamp at south view farms) – Tweaked cow triggers – Added a sell manure point at rainbow stores – Added more grass contract fields – Tweaked BGA bale point and prices No new save game required – This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features. – All animals are built into the map like FS17, but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else – Main farm can be sold so you can build your own in its place – Real life PDA map – Custom lighting engine xml – New water shader – Animated objects – 25 farm lands – Custom soil textures (melfoy) distance,grass,ground textures – Two farms (Cows and sheeps) / (Pigs and chickens) – 2 selling points, BGA, sawmill, forest, dairy, egg selling point, etc. – 23 fields small / medium / large which are all to scale and correctly positioned from real life – Over 30 HD new models made by myself – Custom transport missions and field missions – Supports FPSDistance mod – Multi terrain angle


Done By EA Ben Converted by Chris6610

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2 Responses

  1. tozmo775 says:

    were did you get the ford 7810 from

  2. philip vetier says:

    firstly I would like to say thank you to the modder and the converter lovely little map everything is just right the fields are not massive or small can’t wait to see the finished product once again thank you good map 10*****

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