Here you can see our new map project .. The Map LS19_Deutsche_Heimat V1.0
This card is constantly being developed.
It is a large map with 16.7 square kilometers as usual, it offers 228 arable areas where grassland is already included in the field missions, plus several forest areas, biogas plants and 9 flat free farm slabs (a total of 255 buyable areas)
The map is also prepared for seasons.
Among other things, it also contains the fruits: millet, poppy seeds, spelled and rye.
There is not yet a starting yard for the single player, but it will come.
As usual from us a great map for large-scale multiplayer games.
You can buy seeds, fertilizer and lime at most sales outlets under the green silos.
No productions are built in because in our opinion it makes no sense, if you would like this you can install the GC and place the branches yourself (there is enough space).


Flo0815, Sven Lakemeier, Farmer Fabi ( 0815Mods&Gaming;)

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3.9/5 - (28 votes)

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10 Responses

  1. Simsonfanatiker says:

    Ist ne Super V1 Map.

  2. Simsonfanatiker says:

    In paar höhere BErg mit Steil hängen wären cool.

  3. Jörg says:

    Sorry. Also erstmal jedem der moddet ,vor allem maps meinen Respekt.
    Das hier ist allerdings sehr lieblos gestaltet,zu wenig Details. Gibts dafür ein orginal Vorbild ?
    Habe so etwas nämlich in Deutschland noch nie gesehen,
    Aber für eine V1 der richtige Weg in die richtige Richtung.

  4. kris says:

    Where`s traffic and pedestrians?

  5. liondari76 says:

    super Map … sind jetzt ca. 1 Woche drauf… (zu dritt) bis jetzt alles super… Verkehr währe schön… hab die BGA oben rechts… das mit den Palletten in der Einfahrt …..bäähhh…. am Rand ok, aber in der Einfahrt…. mmhhh. Aber sonst sehr gute Map…

  6. Van Helsing says:

    Diese Map beinhaltet rechtsextreme Inhalte
    (Unter Feld 42 im See befindet sich ein Hakenkreuz)
    (In allen Folge Maps ebenso = gemeldet bei forbidden mods
    Credits : Flo0815, Sven_741954, Farmer Fabi. Ein großer Dank geht auch an Jasmine und Timo die unsere Map auf Herz und Nieren getestet haben.

  7. MG007 says:

    So, dear foster, You know the trouble with these map?
    They have included a nazi-sign which is forbidden in Germany!

    If You have a peaceful behavior so delete these map on Your Server!

    • Branman10 says:

      I like this map, but i cannot sell any pallets of eggs or wool or anything at any sell point, I have tried mods that bring in their own sell points but that does not work either. Is there something wrong with the map or just my download? Downloading again just in case

  8. Xeltosh says:

    i haven´t found a swastika in that lake. has someone a screenshot?

    the entry of the shop has to be bigger. Some Vanilla-equipments don´t fit through, “Väderstad Seed Hawk” as example. you can´t leave the shop with it.

  9. panczeslaw says:

    ccm doesnt work on this map why ?

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