FlatMap v1.1

FlatMap v1.0

Welcome to the map of FlatMap
A flat map was created and prepared for full edition in the game.
– Map is created for players who want to create their own map from beginning without using GIANTS EDITOR.
– In the modifications there are available a whole range of objects: trees, stones, buildings, signs and many useful mods ready to be placed on the map.
– The map is completely flat but creators have created the perfect tool for total terrain transformation, so you can modify it as you want to.
– On the map there are basic buildings needed for the game (purchase, sawmill, BGA, spinning mill, etc).
– The whole area is divided into 64 areas.
– You can create any number of farms and fields.
– 95% of the area is ready to editing without being blocked by objects from the beginning such as rocks or buildings.
– Create your own piece of world with your own principles



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zip FS19_FlatMap80 MB

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5 Responses

  1. bart says:

    absolutely rubbish

  2. bart says:

    no way mate. more things on map is so different

  3. RoadKill42O says:

    If everything was more compact in the center it would make a great map to make a monopoly type multiplayer game

  4. dazza61 says:

    I have been playing flatmap for a week or so but not anymore everytime i save ny game and come back next time to play all my buildings are gone no sale points left on map is any one else having this problem. You cant create anything because when you come back to play its all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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