Birkenfeld an der Ostsee v 4.1

Birkenfeld an der Ostsee v 1.0

What was done
– 6 new fields / 5 new meadows
– Milchhof (It is an old GDR dairy farm where most of the buildings and silos have already been demolished – you can buy it and take it over and expand it).
– Forestry + timber merchants
– KI traffic made faster
– Fixed and improved several things
– and much more



Birkenfeld an der Ostsee v 4.1
4.7 (94.29%) 21 vote[s]

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zip Birkenfeld_MAP_BITTE_ENTPACKEN693 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Tukker65 says:

    Great map. Like to play this map. I hope you change the PDA colors and make more space at the shop. Thanks for the great yob you did so far.

  2. WhatMan_DK says:

    There are no sell points on the map, nor in sell menu nor on PDA.
    Unfortunately something I have seen on a number of maps so far. Besides that nice design.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the map, but whatever farm yards I build in multiplayer dissappear the next time i load in.

  4. Valk says:

    Where can i sell sugarcane ?

  5. Az says:

    Absolutely loving the map but where is the sugarcane sell point? It doesn’t show any on the prices page. Could you please add one if possible. Thanks

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