Model from snowrunner, that one had all it’s original texture with it so I left it as it was (it means since the texture is for the whole truck, it gets dirty everywhere, and the shine doesn’t go away), weight 25 000Kg, it pull a house if you want, the detroit 12v71 is hard to get a good sound off but it’s not too bad, trailer attacher up front and back with a semi trailer attacher on the back, I only found the truck model and not the trailer so…….there’s mod that work though, like the one in my picture, anyway have fun with it!



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zip FS19_pacific13 MB

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2 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    do you think u could do the old paystar next? its my favorite truck in the game

  2. James Evans says:

    what trailer is this in the picture

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