KRAZ 6322 (MEZ 330) V1.1.1.1

KRAZ 6322 (MEZ 330) V1.1.1.1

The mod adds the tractor Kraz 6322 (MEZ-330) (the envelope with FS17 has been finalized) with the following features:
Power: 330/360 hp;
Speed: 90 km / h;
The volume of the fuel tank: 500 l .;
– A selection of design, engine, linkage;
– Working sample;
– working outdoor;
– Lighting;
– It is loaded and motorized;
Cost: 105 900 euro;
– It can be aggregated with tractor mounted equipment;
– It is possible to work with modules from the ZIL pack mod
– Log without error.


Avalon Style Entertainment, JAWA, Mad Dog, Tyutenko, ЛЕХА, Volk3212

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