Rapide 8400 Windrower & Loading Wagon v1.1

Schuitemaker Rapide 8400 v 1.0

This mod is an edit of a mod called SCHUITEMAKER RAPIDE 8400 V1.0.
All I’ve done is change a few values and some texts in the codes to make it (not for all people) more fun in a certain way.


Original creators: BDBSSB Mods
Mod editor: Velocity DK

3.3/5 - (50 votes)

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zip FS19_rapide8400Windrow 7 MB

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17 Responses

  1. shane says:

    if you edit the xml find this line in the section

    fillTypeCategories=”shovel SLURRYTANK”

    Change it to

    fillTypeCategories=”DRYGRASS_WINDROW STRAW”

    This will only allow the wagon to pickup Hay and Straw. Hope this helps some people.

  2. Cường says:

    Geam hay

  3. Anonymous says:

    how disappointing… this is a great idea and saves sooo much time till it loses all its load when a wind rower clips into a hill … if you got this working rite it would be a amazing mod

  4. Razar_Imp says:

    This will never hit ps4/5 or xbox.
    For those complaining about it picking up hay/straw when you have an amount in already; that’s built into the game and the in game loaders DO do this. It is based on the percentage of capacity that has been reached (about 5% max to lock in) so if you want to avoid this the easiest way is to moddify the xml so that you have a lower capacity. 5% of 1,000,000 is 50,000 and 5% of 10,000,000 is 500,000 if you have increased the capacity above that it’ll take more to stop it from picking up anything else. You don’t notice it happening and it’s much less likely to occur with the ingame ones because the biggest is only about 60,000 litres so you only need about 3,000 litres to lock in the collection type.

  5. Bubberdee says:

    When I use it picking up grass when it hit 100,000 liters it reset back to 0

  6. Aleks says:

    An awesome mod, I really love it. Just that if you collect hay and you only have a bit of grass laying around, you will just loose the hay that you collected

  7. Vann Stockwell says:

    Yeah, this mod doesn’t work if you have grass and hay in field around edges. You lose everything if it picks up something that you don’t have in your wagon. The ingame wagons don’t do that. They leave the items that are not in the wagon on the ground. Can we please fix this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have had this mod since it came out. For some reason it no longer shows up in game even though I have reloaded into mods folder….

  9. Tino R. says:

    Lose the grass that’s picked up as well if there’s hay laying around. Lost 300k in grass. Don’t use.

  10. Skyguy says:

    I’ve used this mod a lot, anybody know how to fix the XML so that it doesn’t delete all of the hay if i pick up a tidbit of grass?

  11. MrSpooner says:

    Works perfect for straw, which is how its advertised, so i dont think i can really complain.

  12. ads says:

    yup just lost 500k of hay like the idea but not gonna use it again

  13. chaddy says:

    its broke dont use it

  14. Garbage says:

    Yep! Resets the whole fucking load! GRRRR JUNK!

  15. Anonymous says:

    just a heads up, if you have any bit of grass on the ground near your 300,000l of hay in the trailer, and it gets picked up, you can say goodbye to all that hay.

  16. Anonymous says:

    When will play station 4 get the update and mods

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