PK-1.6 V1.0

PK-1.6 V1.0

The pick-up PK-1.6 picks up hay from the swath, forms a cylindrical shovel and places it on the surface of the field.
The main assemblies of the pick-up-stacker are: the pick-up, the conveyor and the stacker. All machine units are mounted on a welded frame.
In the working position, the pick-up-stacker rests on the running wheels and on the towed shackle of the tractor.
– Only 50 HP is needed. power;
Works at speed: 20 km / h;
– Capacity 12000 liters.
– Color configurations of base color / rims;
– Choice of capacity;
– Wheel options;
– Choice of design.
– Purchased for $ 14280;
– Sold in the “Cargo Trailers” section.



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