Hawe Silage Trailer SLW 45 v 1.1

Hawe Silage Trailer SLW 45 v 0.99

Hawe Silage Trailer SLW 45 v 0.99

Hawe Silage Trailer SLW 45 v 0.99

This is the Hawe Wester silage wagon.
The Hawe silage wagon comes from the LS13 and was then converted to LS17 by me.
I have now taken the time to get the car up and running for LS19.

For the HAWE Häckselwagen SLW you can choose between bodies with 20 to 60 * cubic meters (* SLW 50 TN with 50 m³ plus hydraulic sidewall increase with 10 m³ additional volume at the side). In addition to the Tridem vehicles, the SLW 45 TN shredder wagons with 42 cubic meters of large capacity for the tractors of the 200 hp class are in high demand.

For our export markets, we also offer a lofty 20 m³ 2-axle chassis for tractors with low vertical loads. As a special extra we offer the special paint in tractor color for all HAWE vehicles.


NoN87 / NiggelasFS

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