Coolamon Mother Bins v 1.2

Coolamon Mother Bins v

Coolamon Mother Bins v

Coolamon Mother Bins v

Update to FRMRWLKN Conversion:
– Lights and signals all work
– Auger pipes rotate when working
– added work light to unloading pipe
– Adjusted tire options (removed Nokian choice due to rim size.)
– Hubs are now showing
– Fixed fill volume not showing

Converted FS17 mod. Coolamon Mother Bins are perfect to park on the side of your field to act as interm storage between a normal auger wagon and a semi trailer. Capacaties are: 124000, 185000, and 247000. All crops can be used. Do not upload to other sites without prior approval.


Jeremiah/Xetoa/Big Boss modding

3.4/5 - (12 votes)

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zip FS19_Coolamon_Mother_Bins 27 MB

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1 Response

  1. Jan Böng says:

    I like that they can carry any fill type, but I don’t like the lights bug on these that the lights are always on. Lights should only be on when attached to a vehicle, just as for any other trailers. Don’t want to pay my ingame money for something that feels incomplete.

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