XTZ 240K V20 V2.0.2.1

XTZ 240K V20 V2.0.2

Speed ​​- 43 km / h
Power – 180/240/250 HP

– – Changed and re-textured hinge and semi-frames (UDIM)
– – New radiators and fan
– – Added dashboard selection
– – Simple IC script support
– new hood
– new tank
– mud flaps
– new lower panel in the cab
– new steering column
– indication of graphic and digital gauges on the dashboard
– redone light
– reworked animation of adjustments

– steering column
– seats back and forth and up and down
– hinge
– hitch

*NEW! Adjusting the MIRRORS with the mouse to adjust the view when working with different equipment!

+ Choice of wheels:
– standard
– spark
– add. front load
– add. rear load
– add. load on all wheels
+ Choice of dashboard:
– old
– new
+ Additional cargo:
– on the frame
— on the wings
+ Choice of hitch:
– standard
– new
+ Engine selection:
– YaMZ-236 (KhTZ-150K)
– YaMZ-238 (KhTZ-242K.20)
– FPT Iveco (KhTZ-248K.20)
– MMZ D-262.2S2 (KhTZ-241K.20)
– YaMZ-536 (KhTZ-243K.20)

– dimensions and road train
– low beam
– front work light
– rear work light

Simple IC script:
– a door
– window
– passenger seat
– curtain
– hood
– footrests

All tractors are branded with the KhTZ Trademark and are the partial PROPERTY of the KhTZ plant.
Distribution of this pack to third parties, resale, publication in the public domain, mod change are PROHIBITED by the KhTZ plant.
All standard FS-19 functionality has been implemented: equipment hoses, instrument lighting, real light, trampling crops and their beating.
Working with a mercenary has been fully tested.



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