VALMET 88 V1.0.1.0

VALMET 88 V1.0

Power: 85 hp base / 100 hp turbocharged
Price: 18000 €
Speed: 30 KM / H
-Tire configurations
-Design settings
-Miscellaneous animations

Lamina 01

Lamina 01 its main function is to open fields in the form of plowing..
-Front coupler required
Price: 600 €
Working width: 3m

Lamina 02

Lamina 02 has as its main function to displace silage. It can be used to accommodate piles of grain.
-Requerido acoplador frontal
Price: 600 €
Working width: 3m

Front winch

Front winch used to transport bigbags
-Front coupler required
Price: 800 €

Support for bags

Support with four corners used to transport bigbags
-Front coupler required
Price: 300 €

Front Coupler

The front coupler is the basis for using the other implements. Bigbags winch, front blade and ladle for transporting products can be attached to it.
-Potência requerida: 80 CV
Price: 1000€

Universal shovel

Excavator shovel used to move grain, earth and other materials within the farm.
Capacity: 750 Lts
-Required front coupler
Price: 600 €


Holzs FS

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