A Schlüter with a few changes.
Here for you a Schlüter 2500 VL, there are now many of them, but they were provided with too many things that I don’t need. But none of them had animated doors. : rolleyes:
A few days ago I came across the Schlueter from Leo630. He gave the Schlüter animated doors and added small configs such as GPS, color selection and RUL to choose from.
That was almost enough for me 8o But if you knew me, I couldn’t leave it like that and I adapted it a little to my needs.

Animated doors via SimpleIC
Color choice, 3 colors are available
Rims color choice, 2 colors are available
GPS selectable, I have added 2 variants, there are 3 different GSP systems in total
Motor start via SimpleIC inserted with an animated key, which I mobbed from Röbis MB Trac ^^
Power tuned up to 254 hp
Speed ​​increased to 45 km / h
Engine sound slightly revised
License plate made ready, you can allow it

It’s not much, but maybe someone can use it.
The following mods are required to use all functions.
Simple IC from version is necessary to start the engine
GPS from Wopster
License plate to allow.


Modell: GIANTS
SimpleIC ready gemacht: Leo630
Weitere Änderungen: Mach1–Andy

Download mod

File File size
zip FS19_Schlueter2500VL 7 MB

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