Kirovets K-700A / K-701 v 1.0.0 Beta

Kirovets K-700A / K-701 v 1.0.0 Beta

Kirovets K-700A / K-701 v 1.0.0 Beta

I would like to make the first version of the Kirovet available to you now.
The tug has been converted from the 17ner and rebuilt.

I would like to highlight a few things here:
The version is a beta. He is far from finished and mistakes are still a few.
The bugs that exist at the moment are not gamebreaking or interfering with the game flow after testing.
A big thank you to Mario Hirschfeld for testing.

What was done:
– conversion
– New tires (Belshina Breit, Michelin, Mitas)
– Animations (pedals, seat, wipers, ads, etc)
– sounds
– Decals
– New motor
– Performance adjusted (220 – 560 hp)
– Many configs (motor, strap, light, color, etc)
– and much more

Known defects:
– Vehicle wobbles sometimes short
– Texture fault hood / engine compartment
– problems with scripts (can lead to log errors, but should not affect anything)

only with scripts:
– Error: Vehicle type ‘KirovetsK700A’ has unknown specialization ‘realDirtColor’!
Or similar.


Modell: SFM-Modding feat. Bm-modding.
Farbwahl / Kleinigkeiten: speedy77 [FBM]
Weitere Bearbeitung: Erlan10, Pussycat
Konvertierung und Bearbeitung ( Ls19 ): Finn – T3chn1k
Testing: Mario Hirschfeld, Finn – T3chn1k

4.2/5 - (4 votes)

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File File size
zip TFs19_KirovetsK700A 36 MB

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  1. John Bier says:

    good mod, unfortunately still error in the helper

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