JOHN DEERE 3000 V1.0

JOHN DEERE 3000 V1.0

A little bit of history:
In 1995, MWM stopped the production of the motors that equip the ceres.
Renault will therefore turn to John Deere to supply its engines.
John Deere wants to complete his range with a small multipurpose tractor, which is what the ceramic corresponds to.
This is why small Ceres painted in green will be built at the factory of Le Mans and will be marketed by the brand with deer

Price: from €15,000
Power: 55 to 85 hp

Finish and motor: 3100, 3200, 3200x, 3300, 3300x, 3400, 3400x
cabin: low or high
– 4 beacon configs
mass configs: 100 to 500 kg
– 2 or 4-wheel drive wheel configs
– fenders or not

– ic
– pedals
– gear shift


Tonio Farming

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  1. Ivan says:

    fs 19 gilibert helios 15
    john deere 3000
    koja to mapa

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