Fendt Favorit 500 C Pack from [Bayern-Agrar] Gr33n. The basic model has been completely revised and numerous features have been added.

The time has finally come, the Fendt Favorit 500 is available for download. I wish you a lot of fun with the mod and criticism on the discord or in the comments.

The v2 is to be treated as a completely new mod because so many things have been added. You have to delete the old version first, because the new version does not overwrite the old one. I ask for your understanding.
In order to be able to use all functions of the mod, simpleIC MUST be installed by modelleicher (version, as v0.9.3.2 is bugged). Furthermore, it is recommended to have the GPS Mod from Wopster and UniversalPassenger installed for the associated configs.
The front hydraulics, the rotating beacons, as well as the doors, windows and the steering wheel console are folded using simpleIC.
In order to switch on the work light, the button that controls the work lights must be pressed (Num. 4/5). The work light cannot be controlled by the normal light switch (F).
For the small series please use the 509/510 tires, other tires can fit, but do not have to be, as they are actually intended for the large series.

– Shadowcast for the driving lights
– License plate installed
– Various decorative objects and configurations added
– Adapted engine performance
– Adapted exhaust smoke
– simpleIC with sound
– Universal Passenger
– Interior colors and decals revised
– Doors, windows, skylights, terminals, RUL, FH with simpleICIC
– Work light not in normal light Schlatung but extra
– Change between lower and upper driving lights, with and without high beam
– new terminal bracket
– Tires from Mitas, Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT and Nokian in various versions (over 70 tire configs)
– Camera adapted in the interior
– Revised lights
– new, customized dashboard
– 40 km / h variant added
– ignition key with animation
– Animated hand throttle (speed dependent)
– Clutch is pressed at start
– Handbrake applied with engine switched off
– transparent grill
– Foldable mirror
– Material changed in various places
– Animated EHR lever
– Fixed various face errors
– added 509/510
– Added front loader for mounting block
– cables for terminals
– various configurations
– various bug fixes in comparison to the standard model
– Different horn tones installed
– Revised lights
simpleIC control for: lights, PTO front and rear, hydraulics front and rear, turn signals, hazard warning lights, engine start.


[BA] Gr33n, Kontax-LS, Tracfahrer2003, Pics_Fendtpower, Bayern-Agrar, SimonLsDesign, Gamer8250, lb286, Ifko[nator], Laabertal-Modding, Bau_Justin_99/Platzhirsch_Group, Agrartechnik Nordeifel, Cayman718, modelleicher, Koedel

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