Farmall M with red tur and mounts for Farming simulator 19
Credits: Crusader Modding, Patton_M47, others

3.5/5 - (4 votes)

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File File size
zip FS19_Farmall_M_red_mounts 25 MB
zip Fs19_Farmall_loader 5 MB

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  1. Urban Uffda says:

    The tractor works fine. Three issues: 1) The “chosen implement” icons do not work so there is no way of knowing which implement you are manipulating until you actually use them. 2) The 3-point hitch is glitchy. Sometimes the implement will work fine, other times it will not lower, or will attach in a weird way so the implement is way up in the air and you cannot lower it to the ground. Dropping the implement and reattaching will sometimes help, but not always. 3) The front wheels are sunk into the ground a long way and the tractor is very touchy when going over uneven terrain, especially at road speed.

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