Power is good. Efficiently delivered power is even better.
It’s not enough to pack a serious punch; you also need to deliver it.
That’s why Challenger MT600D Series tractors are designed with a more direct path from the engine to the transmission,
so our drivetrain will always deliver maximum power to the ground. The MT600D series tractor comes equipt with 5 engine configurations,
ranging from 240 horsepower up to 340 horsepower. The specialized rims for MT600D series from Challenger allow for nearly infinite wheel
configurations, ensuring you find the correct setup for your farming operation. The MT600D series also comes with an optional wide fender
package, keeping mud out of your way. The MT600D series from Challenger also comes with an optional Ag Leader GPS system for precision farming.
Depeding on location, the MT600D series also has European and American extremity packages, ensuring your safety, and the safety of others. The MT600D
series from Challenger promises to provide peak power and efficieny for your operation, a must have in today’s advanced world. The MT600 series is also
comptatible with Custom Modding’s DEMCO Sidequest tanks.


NEFG Modding

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zip FS19_Challenger_MT600D_Series 20 MB

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