2021 Case IH AFS Connect Steiger Series
Make sure to thank KMN Modding for his work on this mod as well!

This mod includes 4 separate tractors:

Case IH AFS Connect Steiger
Base Price: $540000
40 Wheel Configurations: 22 Michelin, 9 Mitas , 9 Lizard
Engine Options: 500 (550 hp), 540 (605 hp), 580 (628 hp), 620 (682 hp)
High-horsepower row crop tractors deserve industry-leading fuel efficiency for maximum productivity. With reliable power, advanced hydraulics and an industry-best turning radius, no job is too tough.

Case IH AFS Connect Quadtrac
Base Price: $510000
-Two 3D tracks belt options with belt width options of 30″ or 36″
Engine Options: 470 (512 hp), 500 (550 hp), 540 (605 hp), 580 (628 hp), 620 (682 hp)
– Features four individually driven, positive-drive oscillating tracks. Designed to maintain constant contact with the ground for a smooth ride, superior floatation and optimal traction.
– Welker Farms Inc logo fender option

Case IH AFS Connect Rowtrac
Base Price: $450000
15 track configurations: 5 belt width options, and 3 spacing options
Engine Options: 420 (462hp), 470 (512 hp), 500 (550 hp)
– Features four individually driven, positive-drive oscillating tracks. Rowtrac models provide 50/50 weight splits for low ground pressure to increase yields, plus can easily maneuver through fields for post emergence work.

Case IH AFS Connect Narrow Frame Steiger
Base Price: $400000
31 Wheel Configurations: 19 Michelin, 3 Mitas , 9 Lizard
Engine Options: 370 (425 hp), 420 (462hp), 470(512 hp)
– Steiger wheeled models will keep you ready for any kind of row crop work, in any conditions. And with the 4WD force to boost your row crop operations, Steiger tractors are the ideal choice to pull your large planters and strip-till rigs.

Store Configurations and features for all:
– Body, Seat, and Rim Color options of Red, Black, Grey, or Stegier Green
– Window tint options of regular, light tint, dark tint, or black tint
– US and EU configurations
– Exhaust configurations
– Lighting configurations
– Front rock box options
– Front weight configurations
– Rear weights and quick hitch configurations
– Beacon light configurations
– Additional monitor configurations
– 40 degrees seat swivel
– Openable Hood
– Openable door with interior light
– 4-Point Cab Suspension


KarlFarms, KMN Modding, Custom Modding, SiiD Modding, Julian F. Modding

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4 Responses

  1. keegan says:

    not a combine

  2. TJ says:

    Why do these tractors handle so poorly? 🙁 Pull an air drill with them on a hill and the drill will just drag you down it.

  3. ihdriver7088 says:

    again another tractor from him that doesnt work with the guidance steering mod and karlfarms answer is always “i didnt have any problems”

  4. Mildly Concerned Step Dad says:

    Every single time Karl Farms make a quad trac its guaranteed to slide all over the place. GO ahead yall download this and go buy it in game and then take it into a field and watch the dag nab thing slide all over like its on ice. and its no exception with the afs connect version of their quad trac. Cmon you guys, quit making these sliding quad tracs or fix them!

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