Kroeger Pack by Bonecrusher6 v 1.1

Kroeger Pack by Bonecrusher6 v 1.1

Kroeger Pack by Bonecrusher6 v 1.1

Kroeger Pack by Bonecrusher6 v 1.1

Kroeger Pack by Bonecrusher6
Here’s a pack based on the two standard Kroeger trailer TKD302 and HKD302 for you.
These have now received several configuration options.
First it should be said that I wanted to build the whole pack only differently, so that the pendants are only once in the shop.
But since there are not enough options for individual color configurations, they had to go to the store several times to get everything
suitable to implement.
Furthermore, the HKD302 has received working hoses, the TKD302 initially only the connections.
I have not found yet suitable hoses for the TKD302 and will also obstruct nothing that does not fit there.
But, as soon as there is something, this will be made up.
In the shop, the trailers can be quickly distinguished by the story images or their caption.

You can choose between (for HKD and TKD):
– standard, red chassis
– Standard, dark gray chassis
– Rudolph / Welger variant
– Oehler variant (with and without decals)

The two standard variants have selectable decals, once the two normal Kroeger (white and colored), then with green or blue Kroeger decals and once with knee decals.
In addition, color choice for tarpaulin, flaps and rims.
The variants for Welger, Rudolph and Oehler come in their matching colors including tarpaulin color, but also have rim color choice.
All trailers have additional wheel configurations, illuminated license plates and an animated mudflap.


Model: Giants Software
Conversion: Bonecrusher6 / LSMC

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