This is a yard pack in three to four color variants.
There is a walk-in farm house, a barn with hay storage, a multi-fruit store, an animal feed purchase station, three open shelters of different sizes and a workshop trigger. There is a variant made of red wood and one made of white wood of each type of building. The farmhouse is also available in a white plastered version with brown wooden elements. The silo and purchase station are also available in a variant with brown wood. All other buildings are made of both brown wood and white plaster.

Farmhouse: 50,000 euros
Barn: 30,000 euros
Silo: 30,000 euros
Animal feed purchase station: 30,000 euros
Shelter, large: 5,000 euros
Shelter, narrow: 3,000 euros
Shelter, small: 3,000 euros
Workshop trigger: 100 euros



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zip FS19_farmPackRed 17 MB

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  1. Peter E Loewen says:

    very nice building back. BUT

    the farm growers that I work with – I’m an Ag consultant – have farm office buildings totally separate from any of their other buildings – they’re seed growers or have some other specialty and have an office building with several offices – coffee room and conference room for presentations – etc.

    Could someone please manufacture a placeable office building for use with either FS-19 or FS-22 that’s coming shortly.


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