Anhydrous Pack v 1.0

Anhydrous Pack v 1.0

This is a Anhydrous Pack V1
It includes the John Deere 2623 cultivator, Salford 2100 cultivator, the single and double tank trailers.
It finishes off with the Anhydrous Placeable tank for refilling.
The 2623 will need to be unfolded and lowered to hook to the trailer.


2623 – Joe Lindberg, Taylor Farms Salford – SFI Modding, AMD Modding Single and Double Trailer Tanks – Braindead4554 & to whomever converted it Placeable Anhydrous Tank – ItsPoopFace (probably NOT orginal modder)

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6 Responses

  1. Redneck 4 life says:

    It’s not showing up in my game what do I do

  2. farmer jones says:

    anhydrous is not a fertilizer. it is an activation agent. it activates the bacteria in the soil that breaks down waste in the soil turning it into fertilizer.

  3. pat Norris Farms says:

    actually Nitrogen is like a vitamin for corn it is used before planting corn soil samples are needed to tell how much is in the ground before it is used to know how much needs to be applied before it is used in the field each field that is going to be planted with corn needs this put on first

  4. Anonymous says:

    so you pull a tillage tool and don’t actually do any tillage? It works different on a real farm

    • Seth William Souerdike says:

      no. when pulling ammonia behind a tool bar, the tool bar does not disturb the ground very much. it just dranks skinny shanks threw the ground that than insert the anhydrous ammonia into the ground. Nh3 (anhydrous ammonia) is a fertilizer used on a field that needs more nitrogen in the soil.

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