Animal Worker v 2.3

Tunnel Rat v 1.1

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hired Ranch Hand to help with the animals on your farm? That’s the purpose of this mod.

What does it do?

Everyday at 7am, the animal worker will refill all the water troughs and lay out new straw for the animals for a small fee.
Fee is $500 + economic difficulty + 15% (Will be updated in the future with exact market prices for water, straw, food etc..)
Currently, you just have to install and load the mod and it runs.

Conflicts / Known Issues

No known conflicts as of yet.
Will only work with USD, will add the moneyType parameter.
Not tested / compatible with multiplayer clients yet.

Future Updates…

– Set moneyType (EUR,USD,GBP), multiplayer compatibility (client/server farm ownership)
– Add config file for fees and work to be done.
– Add food refills for each animal type owned.
– Add clean animals and train horses (There are already mods for this [horse helper and animals clean] so not a priority).
– Sell produce (manure, wool, eggs, milk) — Note: Animal Pen Extension already has a milk contractor built in.
– Ambitious: Spawn worker in vehicle to care for animals (would change fee to hourly rate).



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