The paintable sludge as used in the HoF 2020 can be built into your own map.
Here are the files for installing the sludge as used at HoF 2020.
The mud can be painted on with the ingame tool. For this I also recommend incorporating the texture lettering so that this is better visible.
The mud is only displayed under these conditions.
without seasons: at least 5% soil moisture
with seasons: at least 20% soil moisture and no minus temperatures.



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7 Responses

  1. Bastien says:

    You can show us on video how you do to put mud on a map

  2. SwedishFarmer says:

    Agreed, show us how the hell we install this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i have installed it but i cannot paint with it.
    It would be a brilliant mod if we could use it.

  4. SWAT farming says:

    if you go into the file there are instructions (xml file).

  5. Emrot says:

    The instructions included in the files are very unclear. Could someone simplify it?

  6. Walker says:

    how to install?

  7. driverx says:

    De beschrijving van install is onduidelijk maar wel goed maar je moet wel weten wat je moet doen. dit is niet voor iedereen weg gelegd. In de beschrijving van map.xml
    moet je een regel toevoegen met (paintableFoliageId=”6″) maar 6 is vaak al in gebruik en moet je deze veranderen in een ander nummer.

    zelf heb ik een paar keer moeten testen wanneer het wel werkte, dus geef niet op.

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