Farming Innovations – Silo Displays. These digital displays provide a quick way to view the contents of the connected silos.
Each display has an adjustable range to allow connection to a single or multiple silos. Using the built in UI available at the front of each display you can adjust the fill types displayed or the detection range.

Note: Displays will only place when in range of a silo to connect with.
Custom fill type icons will be replaced with a ‘circle’ if not supported by the display.
Standard and Large displays will display the fill type names in your set game language only when available, custom fill types are not guaranteed.

Small Display:
Maximum Fill Types: 2
Fill Type Icon: YES
Fill Type Name: No
Price: $1400

Standard Display:
Maximum FillTypes: 10
Fill Type Icon: YES
Fill Type Name: YES
Price: $6400

Large Display:
Maximum FillTypes: 20
Fill Type Icon: YES
Fill Type Name: YES
Price: $9800



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zip FS19_SiloDisplays 2 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    bella mod ma si può fare anche per fs 22 grazie

  2. Anonymous says:

    No entiendo porque no me deja poner el cartel del silo, me dice que hay demasiados objetos como este y que venda algunos. Pero es que no tengo ninguno. Si alguien me pudiese ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho. Gracias

  3. Nariz says:

    Indeed, more fruit types needed. I miss sunflower, and I even don’t know if it can show stuff like from FS19_realisticSeeder …

  4. alain0306 says:

    I use your silos a lot.
    Can you make some with all the fruits please (carrots, vegetables, etc.)

  5. Lord_Prometeo says:

    It is a very useful Mods, to see what content the Silos have and how many resources we have in the Silos. I think that it would lack more designs and retouch in the icons of the resources with more vividness and colors.

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