Shed with paved floor + transparent roof v

Shed with paved floor + transparent roof v

LOWER WITH cobblestone floor + transparent roof
placeables Buildings without ground-leveling and without ground-texture change
I imported this beautiful, open shelter from FS17 and built a stable bone-stone pavement floor. A special feature is the partially transparent roof. The textures were color-matched to the standard buildings.
The building has NO GROUND-LEVELING and can also be used on slopes with the PlaceAnywhereMod FS19PlaceAnywhere. The soil texture is not changed either.
The base = 16x32m, cost: 10,901 €
Multiplayer: YES
log = error-free


Modell: GIANTS / EasyShed
Textur: SmlehliW
Script: SmlehliW
Idee / Konzept: SmlehliW
Tester: Ignial86, Swen

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zip FS19_UnterstandPflaster_NEU 6 MB

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