Find the perfect place on your farm to place this 40,000-liter capacity Forage Mixer.
To get the perfect mix, try supplying the mixer with 2 straw bales, 3 hay bales and 5 other silage bales,
or what is the same, 8,000 liters of straw, 12,000 liters of hay and 20,000 liters of silage. If you use
loader to supply the mixer, these quantities may vary, they do not have to be exact. To observe your mix,
get closer to the interaction zone.

Price: € 25,000
Maintenance: € 25
Capacity: 40,000 l

-You must place the Mixer in a previously leveled area, either by default or leveled by yourself with the Landscaping tool.
-You must use this mod in combination with the Steel Silo to Store the Mixed Ration that will be published together with this mod.
-Once the perfect mix is obtained, move your vehicle closer to the Pipe area and activate the discharge in the interaction zone of
the mixer. Don’t forget to turn off the download!
-Note that you can select between Pipe and Silo to download, toggle between one option or another to download your mix.
-Don’t forget to empty the mixer before leaving the game. If you leave it stored in the Silo you will not lose your product.


ShabaFS Modding, Toymatao

Download mod

File File size
zip FS19_ForageMixer 9 MB

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