Western Australia v 2.0

Western Australia v 1.0

After a short break, I’ll put the V2 of my “Western Australia” map at your disposal.

What has changed or been added?
new house incl. sleep trigger – thank you very much to BernieSCS!
Dealer is now in the business park and no longer on the farm
Traffic and pedestrians have been added (I do not like it yet – maybe something else will be changed)
In the business park you can now buy liquid fertilizer, mineral fertilizer and also lime silos
some small bugs have been fixed (for example, bad field definitions)
2 new types of fruit have been added – rye and millet

In a V3, I will then install MultiTerrain, but there are currently still errors. On standard cards, this works fine, but not on the quadruple. There’s something biting. I am working on it.

The log file throws a few “warnings,” which do not affect the game, these “warnings” refer to the fruit not present on the map, but which are still present in the ParticleSystem in the map itself. Do not worry, it will also be fixed.

If errors occur, please note and report.

Please start a new game if you want to use the map and have already paddled on the V1. It has also changed a bit on the terrain and on the flora. This will also be necessary with the 2 new fruits.

And if you start a new game, use the “easiest” difficulty level. “Although all lands belong to you immediately, but the fields are as sown, as I have already prepared, who does not want all lands / fields, this can yes sell again easily.

And who wonders about the land prices, look on the Internet, which costs in Western Australia so the hectares;).


oliba – DecanKane – dasAlex – BernieSCS – GiantsSoftware
(falls ich jemanden vergessen habe, bitte melden)

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20 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    19 western map is better than 22s so put it on mod hub for 22

  2. Anonymous says:

    put it on modhub

  3. krys239 says:

    When is V3 expected to be expected? Of course with Pets. Wonderful map.

  4. Andrew says:

    I cant hire a worker

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can I get this map on ps4

  6. Anonymous says:

    would they expand the map to 8 k or 16 k? slightly hilly terrain

  7. jcunny says:

    your map is amazing ive logged just shy of 50 hours on it, i absoultley love the asthetic of the map. like most i have problems when it comes to the map boarders and vechicals falling off. id love to see you add in the thing for the animals to be included aswell.

  8. croisis says:

    dude I love the map have u tryed putting it on mod hub we lack a lot of big maps on there

  9. Sean says:

    What I would like to see is all the required animal buildings added. Biogas, spinnery, animal dealer, adding animal products to sell points (glenvar would be a good spot), etc

  10. Sean says:

    Oh and more cons:
    Sometimes my vehicles disappear off the edge of the map only to reappear at the store empty. Really annoying when it’s a full combine.
    Also there are too many fences. I’ve gone and deleted them myself, but get rid of most please!

    I still play this map the most of any. I’m looking forward to v3.

  11. Sean says:

    Big fields that are realistic in size and layout for WA.
    Generally well laid out.

    The grain sell locations are very narrow (all of them), but the north (outdoor) locations are narrow and tight enough to cause issues with road trains, and in WA, I’m not going to send a truck with one trailer on it to unload from the farm.
    Some issues with direction keys locking, causing me to have to go back to a backup of the game. These happened even before I used courseplay if modders are listening.
    The field definition warnings cause problems with courseplay

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have people walking all through my home and the machinery sheds. Any ideas about how to disable pedestrian activity?

  13. Zenar says:

    Awesome map, I live in the Wheatbelt of W.A keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Hugo - Aussie says:

    Bloddy nice map, finally one of my area. So chuffed with it its scary. I dont have any issues with it atm and I run it pretty full scale with courseplay, multiple headers etc and it works beautifully. I actually work on a farm thats reasonable size and this map is so epic…thanks fellas

  15. LTheoret says:

    Hi. Maps Great a few issues with AI changing field!! also the traffic is killing my frame rate. The traffic is also interfering with AI.

  16. Kevin says:

    Can’t detach trailers at the shop or any where I buy land

  17. S.A. Farmer says:

    Awesome map. Great job! However, the ploughing texture needs to be sorted as it indicates to cultivated texture only.
    Other than that it’s a very different but awesome map.

  18. Tom says:

    Great map just wish i could cut down trees and that i had more farms its a perfect mp map

  19. Mason says:


  20. West Aussie says:

    Its a good map. Well done.

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