Welcome To Stone Valley x2,
– Maize Plus Ready
– New crops Onions Carrot Alfafla New grass
– Stone Valley is based on a area in central illinois in america.
– Animals that are included 2 x cattle yards with custom made barns,Sheep farm with custom made barns & Pigs with custom made barn.
– Stone Valley is full seasons supported.
– Real life case vehicle shop.
– There is 35 fields ranging from medium to large.
– 3 selling points includes BGA – 1 x Real life selling areas 1 x fictional selling point.
– Real life illinois fuel garage & truck stop cafe.
– 5 farms.
– Custom transport missions and field missions.
– Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures.
– Custom transport missions and field missions.
– Custom lighting.
– Animated objects.
– Oxygendavids new lighting
– All brand new custom made farm models and also various farming Simulator 19 features as well as ive put tons of hours making my own models all i ask is for you to ask for permission to use my assets..
– Massive thank you to Shywizard for giving me support on this project and also thank you to ccs101 Bulletbill & Oxygendavid for letting me use some of there models plus also Sir Niall Damo James29 Lancashire Farmer.
– Virtual Farmer – Fs Club – Dj GoHam – Farming Agency
– I really hope that you enjoy Stone Valley x 2



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zip FS19_StoneValley_Farming_Agency_Edition 439 MB

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a very nice Map … but works only perfekt in Sp-Mode …

  2. Dave says:

    @Anonymous Dedicated Server Sheep Farm :
    Download your savegame, open the zip, edit ITEMS.XML and add these lines just before the last in the file.
    (Change the FarmID=”1″ to whatever farm you want it to belong to, or put “15” and set bougthWithFarmland to True so any farm that buys the land owns the sheep pen too)

  3. Anonymous says:

    will you make an edit with manure system ready??

  4. Eddie says:

    Nice map. Sheep shows on mine.

  5. Ragner says:

    Nice job on the map appreciate the effort. Just curious if you could make a another version of your new map with the same scale as the original Stone Valley? Really liked the larger field scale. Also, ditto on the sheep..

  6. Anonymous says:

    we are playing this map on a Dedicated server and the sheep farm does not show up but i try it on my career and the sheep farm is there any suggestions? i am using the same mods for both multiplayer and career.

  7. JOhn says:

    field 8 on both the 2x and the 4x always has an invisible lake for me

  8. douglas j french says:

    the sheep farm does not show up

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