I would like to point out that some things still need a little bit of work and I know what does. I will have an update in the future.

I started this map about a month ago. Its based off of Welch MN with some fictional parts. I made the terrain without loading in a topography map. Its as close to the real thing as I could get it.

Some features are:
3 built in Functioning cow pastures
2 working grain bins on each farm
1 Fulling Functioning silage Silo on each farm
Corn fodder bales and bean fodder bales built in
custom foliage textures with 30″ bean rows
custom cow feed types
Every shed has working lights
realistic terrain of Welch, MN
Several houses with their own machine sheds
small town area
Seasons ready
You will need grain augers for the grain bins so I have a link for those as well


CBJ and txar mapping for buildings, lights, random parts, and scripts.
Brian Holtz for adding sell points, gas bstation, and vehicle edit spot.
Tired Iron Modding for the grain bins and silos and adding them in.
also thanks to my testers.
*once again, I know what needs to be fixed and there are errors. live with them, as they are not game breaking

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