Volksbrunn Seasons ready v3.0

Volksbrunn Map v 1.0

Here I offer you the map Volksbrunn to download.
The Volksbrunn is a converted Felsbrunn Standard Map.
A complete new farm was created elsewhere with all the animals on the farm.
The dealer moved near the yard.
Where the fields 4 and 5 were is now a large, flat meadow.
There are also better launch vehicles.
Please keep in mind that on the map could still be mistakes!
I always try to fix them in a timely manner.
I hope you have a little fun with the map.


Original Map: Giants
Redi90: Waschplatz
Kastor: Kuh und Schweine Farm
VertexDezign: Leimbinderhalle und Tankstelle
Realismus Modding: Seasons Mod
Gtx: Animal Pen Extension
derelky: Schlamm Mod + Texturbeschriftung
Edward`s Modding: Airplane & Helicopter Animations

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7 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Waaaas ? Das ist eine leicht umgebaute FELSBRUNN !!!!

  2. Francky says:

    hello, I love your map but I can not produce milk. thank you for your help

  3. Damno8854 says:

    Can not save game. Cows and pig barns missing, don’t know what else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can not save game… 🙁

  5. klaus 51 says:

    Tolle Map, gefällt mir besser als das Original. Die Straßen hätten etwas breiter sein können. Gebe trotzdem die volle Punktzahl.
    PS: Es wäre schön wenn sich das Doppel Silo verkaufen ließe.

  6. Salem Altbib says:


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