This is Upper Mississippi River Valley from FS17 (by DR Modding) converted by Antler22 to FS19.
All modifications are done by DJ Modding. https://www.facebook.com/DjModding571/ .Released with permission from DR Modding.

All the credit goes to DR Modding and team for creating the map.Credit goes to Antler22 for taking up the conversion to FS19.
I took my time to edit the version 1.0 and added some changes to it. I will continue editing this based on the feedback

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6 Responses

  1. jbird1944 says:

    cant see any animal info or anything… wont let me blow straw into pigs, anyone have similar issue

  2. Anonymous says:

    is this the new mcgregor map

  3. Anonymous says:

    having an issue where i cannot get anything out of any silos , i get the choose witch grain menu i select witch gran and it flows out of the silo but nothing ends up in the trailer

  4. Jason says:

    Can you please make it boat compatible

  5. B says:

    Love this map, however I’m having an issue selling to McGregor Enterprise. All other sell points work fine but that one.

  6. Poncho says:

    This map is a gem – thanks to DJ modding for their hard work and quality! The effort put into this map shows in so many parts, and certainly makes the entire map feel like an experience rather than simply and bunch of roads, fields and objects.

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