TAYLORS FARM 12 added fruits v 1.4

Taylors Farm v 1.1

Hey Guys, Here is the update for Taylor’s Farm map V1.4. I have added 12 fruit types into this map and will be doing them to all my other maps. So the extra fruit are Millet, Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Lettuce, Rye, Spelt, Clover, Carrot, Onion, Poppy, Hops and Tobacco. I had to remove Sorghum as it was conflicting with the other fruits. Also added flags to shop and cleared out grass in farm silo bunker. I am also doing a 4x map of this as requested.

This map has a rar file that needs to be unziped. Inside is 2 ziped files. One is the map, the other is the multifruit silo. add them to your mod file and when you start your game, the silo will be on the farm. NOTE: You will have to replace my older silos as they have not got extra fruits in them. You should not need to start from new game but back up your saved game just in case. If this is not to your liking. Delete it.


Giants, Cazz64

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7 Responses

  1. giusje says:

    Hey, First nice map.

    I have a cow company and i cant get the manure out of it.

  2. Stefan says:

    I have a diesel production facility and a composter from FED Mods. Unfortunately, both factories do not work because I10n_de_xml does not have compost as a filling type. Can that be changed, please?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Cazz64,
    the sawmill is not working! I can’t sell logs!

  4. BadgerGrimm says:

    Can you PLEAAAAAASE add coffee, cherries and peanuts?
    Also, if you’re adding additional fruit to your other maps….what ARE your other maps?

  5. Sg says:

    I would like to combine field 20 and 22.
    How to do ?


    To Cazz64

    I like your big maps with the multifruit. I was wandering if you would be willing to make a small country style farm map for single players with all your multifruits on it. Small to medium fields. It would be great for all of us single players to experience that type of farming. It was just a thought, hope you’ll think about. If not I hope you still keep up the good work.

  7. CHRIS__82 says:

    the husbandryChickenLarge.xml gives a warning for invalid brand

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