Welcome to Sussex Farms, This map is based on similar areas in and around Sussex UK.

This map has many farms with enough places/areas to build your own.
3 farms have shared storages for seeds and fertilizers that need to be filled for later use of filling machinery.
Included under misc. MKU8 and 32 Universal liquid tanker to help with filling certain storages.

You have a few greenhouses on the map that need water and manure for an hourly pay-out, but also are linked to transport contracts with custom pallets.
There are a few wooden sheds around the map where you can find various triggers for removing hedge collisions Etc.

Free water and lime on map.
Standard seasons support.



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zip FS19_sussexFarms 240 MB

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8 Responses

  1. bart says:

    I Cant update it to the last version

  2. miniManner says:

    Unfortunately, CoursePlay is hardly usable on the map, I couldn’t transport diesel because the zones are badly mapped. Perhaps these could be improved. Also, I like the map.

  3. Acridhitman says:

    @MalibuStyle2019 I encountered this as well, then i found the switch that opens the hatch doors!

  4. Kent Goebel says:

    There is an “on button” that needs to be hit at the line and fuel stations. The fuel one is on the front of the building by the loading area and the lime one is on the front of the shack across from the loading area.

  5. MalibuStyle2019 says:

    Love the map but I’m having trouble unloading my harvest at the garden centre and Sealy EG Bakery. I’ve tried different trucks not sure if maybe there might be a problem with the game. Hopefully something gets fixed, hate to have to quit playing a map I like just because I can’t unload.

  6. PapPap2016 says:

    If your talking about by the free lime I tried that spot cause for some reason the lime trigger does not work either unless there is a special trailer or tanker I need. Tractor wont trigger either.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuel is located fartyest north part of the map

  8. PapPap2016 says:

    I would like to start out by saying very nice job on the map. Very detailed and original. I really like the tunnel and work zone. I know I could never do what the Modders in FS 19 do. Just awesome. But I cant seem to find where to buy fuel. Also not sure what the tank by the houses you can turn on does. There is also no Sleep trigger that I can see. Your wash bay is the best. Can you possibly keep the bushes but make then so you can drive through them instead of like hitting a wall. You have probably made my favorite map.

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