Seneca County v 0.5

Welcome to Seneca County. This map is based on our farm in north central ohio. It is a 4x map but the outside is not done yet but i thought i would release it before we start planting (if it ever quits raining). This is my first map so be kind lol.
Realistic map based on google maps and lidar. It is scaled down 33% i thought to make fields more manageable (its a game) but then i went and combined some anyway.

Need to unzip into mods folder.

It would not let me upload here so i used mediafire. anybody know why?
-It has 2 sell points that take everything including milk and eggs right now.
-2 bale barns for hay, straw, cotton and silage.
-1 wood sale point but trees on map are not made for large scale forestry.
-Several small to medium farms and some deco houses and farms. i tried to make big flat areas around some of them to make it easy to expand.
-88 fields from 2 to 13 ha
-1 cow barn 1 hog barn 1 chicken shed no sheep yet.
-water triggers are wells right next to animal water fill triggers as most farms now have water run right to animal pens. You can also place wells found in misc buildings.
-Alot of placeables built in as when i started the only way to get animated doors was placeable. You own and can sell/buy all of them i have not figured out how to own them only if you buy the land.
-Has field missions

-No bulk seed/fertilizer/lime buy yet but with all the placeable mods most players place them on farm anyway.
-No sleep trigger i figure you can download mod and place it at the farm you choose.
-No bga as we dont have them around here but if alot of people want one i could add in future.
-map has an old railroad bed running thru it. that is what angled across it.
-Standard fruits i would like to add alfalfa but not there yet
-Starting equipment is close to the size we own. The map picture has about the same equipment we own or have owned but they are mods i did not want to include all the mods so equipment is game default(european).



Download mod [ShareMods]

Download mod

FileFile size
zip FS19_Seneca_CountyV1.2UNZIPME_734 MB

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23 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    It will not save game. Re-downloaded map & reinstalled it but same results….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Map won’t save, only one sell point (wood) no other farms on map?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Game does not want to save.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yep. This is a great map besides for the game not saving!!!

  5. tralphs1 says:

    map does not save and there are no sell points on the map except the sawmill!

  6. Bigmack73 says:

    Got a field of Aflalfa, it says its ready to be harvested, I am cutting it while the crop still stands. I do have a screenshot of what happened.

  7. Val says:

    Our map saves but we are unable to plant trees

  8. Farmer cody says:

    when will the full 1.0 version be released? what will it take to make a full 1.0 version

  9. Johan says:

    Hi i cant seem to unload dry corn from silo dryer?

  10. Chris says:

    How do you clean the pig barn? cleanliness went to 0. I have slurry and manure picked up. Still cant figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated

  11. Blayne says:

    There is something invisible in Field 42 along the “west” side. I was plowing the field when I found it. I can stand on it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice map, but he has flaws, needs to be corrected, the road between Field 1 and 9 looks in the air

  13. Anonymous says:

    I live it this county and I’m trying to find the person who made this

  14. Anonymous says:

    Field 4 seems to bleed into field 5 and course play sees both as one field.

  15. Andy says:

    I live near here now I can have a farm near home thanks

  16. Anonymous says:

    my granpa used to live in a trailer park near there I used to swim in the lake every summer

  17. Anonymous says:

    Map is garbage

    • Hazard says:

      yes somehow much was destroyed… the streets are strange and many other little things there is the idea and implementation so far oky i like the map but so i go to another

  18. Todd says:

    this map is nice I like the lay out but it has some serious serious issues and some how seems you can never get ahold of the creator to let him know or so maybe he can fix it, would like to use the map but you save the game exit out and cannot get back in!!! really wish somoe would get back to me we are playing this on a dedicated server also`

  19. Anonymous says:

    map layout is perfect just what we wanted, how ever it has some serious serious issues, cant even get ahold of the creator to let him know what issues we are having, seems like was just a quick throw togather, we can load in to the map on the mp dedicated server I have, save the game log out and cannot get back in to it, please fix it SAP

  20. jm44807 says:

    im the creator of map just run across this. leave questions on modhub where i uploaded it or american eagles modding thread i started. others have it on servers working make sure the mods needed with this map are installed and latest version of map is used. also eliminated any other mods that could be causing a conflict and check error log. @anonymous was not quick throw together worked on it over a year lol huge learning curve as this was my first venture into modding.

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