Map of Molokovo FS19 version 2.0.2 dated 03/13/2020
1. The map is translated into English and German (translation is done through the Goggle translator).
2. Some triggers have been changed to work with the GAZ pack, but I warn you, this mod was not developed by me, so anything can be.
3. Added and changed some sounds in the industries and facilities.
4. Fixed minor bugs and errors.
5. Added designation of the trigger for loading milk.
6. In the MP there was an error of information about the owner of the site, now it is fixed, but the confusion will still be on the old save, it does not affect the performance.

The rar archive available for download contains the (2.0.2) map, a GlobalCompany modification, and a technology pack for working with production facilities.
After downloading the rar-archive you need to unzip and copy all the files to the mods folder for the game Farming Simulator 19.

Version 2.0.4 – Integrated beater in a sugar factory – Minor fixes For correct operation, it is recommended to start a new save.


KonstantinVU (otrip_ru), FS19: FS_POWER.

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