Schwatzingen Map v 2.0

Schwatzingen Map v 1.0

Map: Normal Map (2 x 2 Km)
Plots: 178 (29 woods)
Fields: 89
Wiesen: 26
Courtyards: 6
Stables: 14
2 x large cowshed
2 x large pigsty
2 x large horse stable
2 x large sheepfold
3 x Large chicken coop
1 x large cow pasture
1 x small pigsty
1 x small chicken coop
Sales stations: 14

Now the time has come, here you have it! After months of work, we have succeeded in perfecting the map ever further. The map has 6 extensive furnished courtyards and 14 sales stations. Also, we have quite a few challenges in the spirit of the YouTube project, built. #Have fun searching
Schwatzingen is a fictitious map, with one or the other tree. The center of the map is the monstrous forest. This is framed by the courts, which invite you to duel ingame with friends. In order not to anticipate too much that was already the description, short and crisp.


J4k0b ( L600TT )

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7 Responses

  1. Inkkl says:

    Dont like That Want To bulid my own Farm

  2. Anonymous says:

    i go to play o this map and then goto save my game and the saving screen comes up and just stays there and wont let me save

  3. Anonymous says:

    map with bugs
    you cannot place new sheds for animals other than those already provided at the beginning of the game. even if you remove all the sheds provided for by the map’s creator, the game does not allow to place more than one barn

  4. Dawid says:

    Only the main farm works.

  5. Anonymous says:

    bonjour, on ne peut pas ouvrir les portes des batiments

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